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Living with an MV Agusta F4 (ahh-goo-sta)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr_Ignorant, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. It’s been 3 months since I took the F4 home. Here are my thoughts.

    Cars and bikes come and go but there is always one particular model that stirs the heart. Perhaps it’s something we see in movies and talk about with mates afterwards. Something we read in magazines or something in the window we stare at whilst walking down the street. It may be something we have never owned yet argue with others about how it is better over their particular choice.

    The MV Agusta F4 is a stunning bike. Ride it out onto the road and people who know nothing about bikes, realize it’s something special. It’s a bike that doesn’t need an introduction. People look. People come over to ask about the bike and depending where you are, people take photo’s. It all adds to the aura that surrounds the MV Agusta name.

    Aboard the bike with only a bright yellow tacho dial and some red paint visible from the visor, it’s enough to feel like you are aboard a raw Italian exotic machine. Sitting at idle it has a classic sewing machine sound. As you wind the bike past 5,000rpm the tone changes to what can be best described as a ‘yowling’ sound and then from 8,000rpm up to 13,000rpm it changes to a blood curdling shriek. With my exhaust now modified, it’s a mix between the original Italian sound with a bit of Jap 750 thrown in. Now it has the sound to go with the looks! I solidly recommend to any MV owner to change their exhaust.

    My F4 EVO3 is the last of the 750 engine which had the most power of the 750 MV’s at 135hp. With the exhaust modified, power is very smooth and the engine feels happy to rev. The harder the bike is ridden, the better it becomes. It feels natural to be belting along on the road or through a mountain. It feels natural to be doing things that mean an automatic loss of licence. The MV does it all so easily and feels so good doing it, the thought never enters your mind to take a step back. In the times where you do ride like Joe average, you feel as though you have been cursed! The riding position puts a LOT of weight on the wrists when you don’t have the wind holding you up. The ride becomes as stiff as looking at the bikes makes you, it turns from flexible rubber to a solid piece of granite. It chews more fuel than my Firestorm. This is not a bike for puncing around on and riding to your local café for a latte. This is a wild beast only happy when Mr Hyde is at the reins.

    Overall my fondness of the MV has grown even stronger over the past 3 months. Like all things we are passionate about, you love it for what it is, not what it isn’t or what it doesn’t do as well as others.

    For those of you who day-dream about MV’s, I can honestly tell you it is every bit as good as you imagine.

  2. Its the equivalent of a Lamborghini , pure silk which only a few privileged will ever own. Enjoy .

    How's the service costs stack up compared with a normal jap bike and does she chew through the tyres, i would imagine with all that power she'd go through tyres regularly.
  3. Servicing costs aren't to bad around $500 for a minor service from a dealership. However if you find the right mechanic you can have it done for the same cost as a Jap bike.

    Belting around on rough bitumen roads eats through the tyres but that happens on any bike.
  4. Sounds like a mean piece of machine.

    Which makes things even weirder. Why would someone who rides such a beats like that, decide to use it as a daily commuter? When i come into the office most days, there is a silver F4 Evo 02 sitting out the front in the row of bikes. Theres is nothing more confusing than looking at a cbr125, two little scooters, then the MV????
  5. Same reason that someone drive a Ferrari down chapel street, a 40kph zone
  6. $500 to change the oil!
  7. yes dear, I have to buy a good quality [expensive] bike as it will be my only form of transport.
  8. You definitely have the bug,nice report,the more things change,I also love my 1975 Laverda but have spent lots of time making it slightly more civilised to ride,more compliant suspension and slightly raising the bars helps a lot,probably not an option for you,I know tank bags don't improve the looks but they shore improve the comfort by taking some weight on a trip
  9. I ride mine to work 1-2 days/week but i use the M2 so at least i'm not in stop/start traffic. Maneuverability wise it sucks because you are at such a low speed. I can split/filter much easier on the Firestorm/RS125 than the MV by a mile so when taking it to work i'm a lot more careful and more patient :)

    As for why ride it to work? Well i guess why not? I didn't buy the bike so it could sit and rot in the garage. I bought the bike to enjoy it and that means riding it when i feel like i want to.

    erewego - I don't think anyone would ride it to work because they see it as a prime opportunity to show off. I ride it for transport, not to see how many people give me a thumbs up. However in saying that shit yeah, i feel cool riding it to work, who wouldn't!

    Zim - i am considering bar risers if i can find them!
  10. Have a look at Helibars,or Cycle Cat,but I think the later went bust,biggest hassle is fairing clearance
  11. How about some pics?
  12. Finding stuff for obsequy bikes is my speciality,have a look at a Company called e moto,part no DE-32-0684 and DE-32-0606
    these are a set of stepless adjustable clipons and a set of bar risers,do you homework as I think one works on the 750s and the other are for 1000,good luck.BTW the MV Ferracci risers seem to be the only other ones around
  13. Might be My silver F4...
    I love mine to bits, to and from work, quick spin down to lunch if there's not much going on. manouverability at slow speeds is pretty bad, u turns are almost 3 point turns but my goodness when you let the dog off the leash...


    stay away like the plage......
  14. how much these bikes go for?

    and yes... PICS PLEASE :)
  15. They go for roughly $2.4 Billion!

    I'm selling mine as i've put down a deposit on another bike. If anyone is interested PM me as it's priced stupidly cheap so i can hurry up and pick the new one up.
  16. Sounds like a love story with a sad ending! Why are you selling and what are you buying?
  17. Selling because i have 3 bikes and have no room for a 4th. Something has to give and because the MV is the bike least used, it is the first to go.

    Not discussing the replacement until the garage space is sorted out :p
  18. ummm you can pick a used(usually third/fourth hand) 750 for about 16k, they swapped over to 1000cc in '04 and the're around the 20-23 mark second hand.

    thats just for base models.

    new 312rr(cause it goes 312km/h) is ~32k

    any of the special editions ones go for more than an arm, leg, first-born and soul. think there's an f4cc on bikepoint for 185k and have no idea what the tamborini that was in the front window of moto one would fetch.

    This is my one


  19. If the MV is such a wonderful bike why is it the least used?