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Living With a Bandit 1250S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Original:
    For those new to the scene I posted a 1000km review HERE a while back.

    6000k Along:
    After racking up 6000k in fairly quick time responding to many PM’s and posts on my thoughts about the new water cooled Bandits I thought it about time I give you all an update on what they are like to live with.

    The Relationship:
    During our time together I have ridden over My Hotham twice. Done a couple of trips to Melbourne. Had an 800k day and generally chaperoned Mrs 2wheelsagain and her ZZR250 around while she learns what riding is all about. I have done group rides including one (part) NR ride and commuted to work most days. I have been on the jail side of the speed limit and I have lugged along in stop start traffic.

    All The Bike I Need:
    The Bandit 1250 does all this and more. Easily. It’s all the bike I need these days. It’s a better “sports†bike than I am and that means there is a lot in reserve. It covers distances, It goes, it corners and stops. It’s comfortable and smooth for my large frame. It turns heads, it’s a conversation starter and it “scares old ladiesâ€. It is not without the need for improvement but what bike is? It’s still the best value big bike you can get in Australia. It regularly returns 5l/100km. (5.2 over Mt Hotham) After running in, the torque of this engine is enormous and the gearbox was sweet from day one and even better with full synth oil. The EFI is spot on whether you are lugging around town two gears to high, or giving it the berries in 6th. The quality of the fit and finish is very good and this bike is easy to keep clean. The center stand is easy to operate for a 245kg (wet) bike. The suspension is up to the job the way I ride although there is no argument it’s on the touring side of sporting. But seriously who knows how to set up bikes fitted with infinite range suspension adjustments? It may give you something to talk about at the pub but can the average rider get the most out of it? The Bandit is set up and well balanced for most people and rear preload is the only adjustment that may be needed depending on what you’re carrying. I have left the front alone and gone up one click on the rear preload.

    My mods have been limited to swingarm spools, radiator guard, tank protector, K & N filters and a throttle rocker. Coming soon will be a headlight cover and later a new lighter and smaller can. There are plenty of mod parts available, some in Australia but most from the US or UK and most available on eBay.

    Almost Perfect:
    I am learning to live with a temp light instead of a gauge and a very conservative fuel gauge that tells me to find a servo and then I can only cram in 12lt. I still set one of the two trip meters anyway. The front rotor “fizz†was an annoyance at first but at least you know something is happening at the pointy end. It’s probably a combination of the disc drill pattern and pad material. No biggy. The only consumable at 6000k this bike has gone through apart from filters and oils, is the rear tyre. The chain has only been adjusted once though. I still forget what gear I’m in if I’m hard at work so an engine and gearbox combination that pulls like this should have a gear indicator. Having one would probably result in shorter tyre life but it would be good to know. Sometimes I would like more power then I realise how quickly the scenery is flashing by. More power would make this a different bike and that may not be for the better. There are more powerful naked bikes around but they have a different focus.

    Go Get One:
    I’m told supply is not an issue now like it was when I placed the order back in Sept 07.
    I made the right choice. Here’s hoping my thoughts and experiences help someone choose this bike.
    I’m still happy to be PM’d if there is anything I have left out.

  2. Good read Chris !
    It's obvious You are right at home with her. Glad to hear she satisfies you in all depts. I read the MCN review a while back and was impressed.
    Love the bikini fairring :) One of the things I like about the faired 600 hornet .
    Well Done on an excellent choice of bike :)
  3. First class article mate. Thanks very much. I did spill my coffee when I read this bit though. :shock:
    :shock: What would you like? A Saturn rocket? :LOL:
    You didn't take the ABS option right? Was this just because you're an experience rider or was there another reason?
  4. No mate, it's got enough. The smoothness is deceiving. You think you want more then you realise how quick your going.
    It is 40hp down on my last bike but it was a different animal.

    I was determined to get a black Bandit and the K8 ABS is grey only.
    Having said that if I was city commuting every day (rural here) the ABS would be the way to go and it's only $400.

    Thanks for your's and Vinnies comments :wink:
  5. Aah, I didn't know that, very interesting. I’d like ABS but I’d want to be able to turn it off for “keeping sharp†purposes. Strangely enough, I'd like a yellow Bandit :)

    I'm with you on the smoothness. Last week I was in a 70KmH overtaking someone doing 60KmH and by the time I'd finished the manoeuvre I was pushing…well, you know the score…so much for acceleration sense eh.

    Re the gear indicator mate, I read something somewhere but I’d never draw an experienced rider’s attention to it unless it was with tongue firmly embedded in molars. :p :p :p
  6. Great write up

    Good economy, so guessing you can get 350+kms from a tank?

    And how "large" is your frame. Take it the fairing works well??
  7. A full tank at highway speeds in 6th would go close to 350km. I usually stop every couple of hours, so never stretched it that far. Economy drops off around town with a lot of short trips and cold starts. (it is a small car engine after all :) )

    "large" 183 and 120+. Upper body and hands are fine behind the screen Knees get cool this time of year but ok for next few years I hope :wink:

    The soft Yanks spend heaps changing the screen and seat (and full fairing) but I have no need to. :cool:
  8. It's a nice bike TwoWheelsAgain.

    I seriously looked at one but dealers didn't have them so got the 2nd hand ST.

    What is the riding position like? I like the full upright and have even put risers on so my body is almost vertical.

    Not having full fairing must be great when you come to do work on it. I must say it is a pain in the arse getting the plastic off the ST. Not hard, just a lot of stuffing around.

    It looks good and its great you are happy with it

  9. The riding position suites me. I sit up around town and I can get down over the tank at higher speeds. A taller screen may be needed if the body requires a full time vertical position.
    Its hard to say as someone else my size might like something different.

    It's a very different bike to the ST though :wink:
  10. Nice write up 2W.......good to see someone else that appreciates a big Suzuke......... :p

  11. Oddly enough, those were my exact thoughts when I contemplated the Bandit.

    Looks great in blue or black... Looks meh in silver... So naturally all the ABS-equipped ones come in silver. :?
  12. Nice to hear you are still enjoying the bike.
    Makes a difference from the cruiser?

    Every report I read tells me the bandit is not the most 'poser' bike, but the most outstanding value on two wheels, that does what it is supposed to.
  13. Very happy with my old 1200, but I'm getting more like 200 km on a tankful. Not sure whether the 1250 has a bigger tank, but it definitely has better fuel efficiency. I'd probably look at upgrading to a newer Bandit in a few years since I'm so happy with this one... but a k8 Hayabusa is also kind of calling my name. We'll see how wealthy I feel at upgrade time.
  14. Mate the 1250 carrys 19lt (pump inside the tank) but could/should carry 25 :wink:
  15. I'm with you. The K6 has a 20L tank but 25 would be great. I'm getting about 6L/100Km.
  16. Kinda works, but the square is a bit clunky. Something very similar but streamlined just a tad would be nice...
  17. Looks like a Gino Blackbird with a sub woofer :LOL:
  18. http://www.tourtank.com/ has little cylindrical ones, but IMHO the cylinder shape, while a lot sturdier than a cube and looking like something stolen from a HUGE St. Bernard, isn't a particularly efficient use of space. Could probably squeeze a few more litres into a rectangular prism of the same width and height, given the air gaps beneath the tank (between tank and rack).
  19. Bandit

    Great write up 2W keep em coming :
    Averaged 6/100 on a recent ride to Bendigo with about 40kg of gear at about 125 kph average (malley highway)high winds which I thought was quite impressive.
    The screen could be about 50 mm higher for me but did its job.
    As high as I am wide LOL.