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Living the squid life

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Grendel, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Tgif.



  2. Whaddaya mean? It matches her g-banger nicely...
  3. these pics aren't squids, especially the first..
  4. Did a search and the only 2 decent pics i found were on suzukis...

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  5. That bottom one is a pisser, Hahahahahahahaha
  6. dose'nt matter if fatty gets hit, whatever hits him is comming of second best
  7. safety plus
  8. those last two pics are kind of freaking me out...
    did anyone order a baby in a bucket?
    and whats with the plastic bag?
  9. It's not just Asians and sportsbike riders

    And remember to always act casual when squiding. That makes you look cool

    Also this
  10. ewwwwwwwwww at the fat chick on the back of his bike
  11. The plastic bag is his helmet, silly. Keeps stuff out of his eyes. I can't help but notice how crooked the crash bars are, or how wet the front tyre looks. Not a confidence inspiring photo.

    The last time somebody started a thread like this, it turned up some of the same pics, and another one that I struggled to find anything wrong with. It showed a young woman wearing jeans and a t-shirt, taking a child on a bike, a little girl, probably her daughter. The child is about 3 or 4, and dressed the same as the mother. They both have open face helmets on. They're riding a MotoGuzzi cruiser thing, with a windscreen. The child is in front of the mother, and held in place by the rider's legs and between her elbows. About the only thing I really found to object to, was that they were both wearing sandles. Well, you should have heard the abuse this poor woman got! Anybody would think she was torturing the child with a hot poker. I mean, I'd have half expected that from the beige majority, but from fellow riders???
  12. I used to take my kids on the front like that, They were too small to put on the back and hope that they would hang on,
    They just had to keep their feet up as the motor was hot,
  13. baby in a bucket and plastic head kid had me rolling on the floor.
  14. We cant do that anymore, Beigetoria has banned kids under 8 from riding pillion on a motorcycle and if older must be able to reach the footpegs.
    When our eldest (24) was little his dad used to take him to kindergarten on the tank of his Katana..
  15. I sneak the grand daughters up and down the street sometimes. I've got them a dirtbike helmet and a pair of tough MX pants - only one can ride at once, so they can share - and so far nobody's tried to lynch me. Not keen to take them up the freeway or past the local cop shop though. It started out on the trail bike, when they were about 2, just going around the front yard and up the grass footpath. Now I have the 14, and they're all getting a bit big to put in front. Taya is a bit nervous, but she's a trooper. Nobody is going to get a ride and let her miss out. Jessie is over it. I don't know that I'll take her again because she's getting quite scared. I'm doing like 15 k and she's telling me my big new bike is way too fast. Emma loves it. She's too relaxed and comfortable. Waves to people on the footpath, hangs off like Casey Stoner to try and see the wheels going around...
  16. The kid in the bag doesn't look too happy. Like "Oh shit, we're gonna hit the bloke with the camera" sort of unhappy.
  17. My youngest is now 42,
  18. As for the rest, well, the two sl - sl - SL - SLIGHTLY under dressed young ladies on the bumble bee - good work. And the p - p - P - Person on the old GSXR is a p-star indeed. Outstanding work. How do I get to be a squid? Looks like more fun than I thought...