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Living the Dream

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tony68, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. After many years thinking about it I finally got my RE licence .Now the fun starts ,I'm looking to buy a Road Registrable Trail bike (LAMS) so I can bush bash and use on the road .
    Been only 160cm in height I am not sure which trail bikes may suit me that has a low seat height .I have read about lowering links for the suspensions but don't know to much about it .
    Any assistance would be appreciated

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  2. gday Tony68Tony68 and welcome to NR - congrats on the licence - what height are you now (just stirring, you said 'been 160cm' lol).

    I would think you would have options that don't need to be lowered. are you after something new? what engine capacity 250-400? how much do you want to spend? what seat height are you working with?

    would this be too high? 2016 Suzuki DR-Z400E for sale
  3. Welcome mate
  4. Welcome mate :cool:

    The DR400's are a good bike, also have a look at the Yamaha WR250/400 enduro bikes. I ride a DR650 as my commuter with aims to bush bash and it's a tall bike for me but once you are on these trail bikes they tend to sink a bit with your weight so it's pretty easy to touch the ground. Best thing is to think about your price range and power in the LAMS section and then go sit on a few. If you can get one close then the service department for your bike can install lower kits.
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Ahhh all good !
    New would be ok or a 2nd handy in good nic.
    As for engine capacity I would prefer less then 250cc that way it would keep the overall weight of the motor bike down.

  7. Thanks for the advice , bikes don't really sink down for me as I don't weigh much at all , so would probably have to target a bike that is naturally lower and maybe install lowering kits I guess .
    Any idea what the lowest seat hight trail bike would be on the market that is LAMS approved ?
  8. DR200 might be good for you then - cycle-ergo.com

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  9. Welcome to the forum mate
  10. Probably around the 800mm mark I'd say. But have a look at the ergo website chilliman64chilliman64 linked previously, that will help you out.
  11. Wow thats a pretty good program , thank you very much .
  12. 800mm sounds ok to me
    Do the lowering links come in one size only ?
    How much do they lower by ?
  13. Not 100% sure tbh, your best bet is to talk to the sales guys at the bike shop. Even googling will help, but it'll all depend on the bike you end up getting.
  14. agree - you may be able to get the edges of the seat (foam) trimmed back a bit rather than lower the bike. it may be cheaper too. the DR200 has a seat height of 816mm
  15. Welcome! Listen to these dudes, they know stuff ;)
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  16. I know nothing, I just have opinions
  17. Yeah, I meant the other dudes.
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  18. Join the club buddy, I'm the CEO ;)
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  19. Alright Tony68Tony68, don't listen to either of those dudes, but do listen to the others.
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  20. Ok ....... I'll take all that on board :)
    Looks like the DR200 is not Lams approved ?