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Living the dream

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GeorgeO, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Hi there

    Just emigrated to the land of Oz 5 months ago with the wife and 2 kids (ex South African), so officially starting chapter 2 of the great adventure of life.

    The eventual goal is for me and the better half to go bike touring, each with our own bike. Owned a few small cc bikes in my early 20's. Need to do the whole LAMS thing though, so bought a new KTM 390 Duke, did the 2 day pre-learner and wrote the L test all in 3 days!

    I'm quickly regaining the confidence I had in my younger days and can't seem to get the grin off my face!

    Looking forward to going to one of the learner sessions in Sydney to do some slow speed skills and to meet up with others who share the same passion.
  2. Welcome George.
    Enjoy this forum.
    I've learnt more than I thought I would from this place.
  3. Welcome. That's a great goal. You'll get there in no time I reckon.
  4. Welcome to NR and to Oz !
  5. Welcome again GeorgeO, see u Sat at Homebush.
  6. Locke to OZ, and back onto the roads. I'm thinking lots of us would love to go adventure riding, too, I hope you do get to live your dream.
  7. Thanks for making me feel very welcome!
  8. gday mate, whats the duke like ?
  9. Uncle Greg - I'm very impressed so far. Very light, very flickable. Still nursing the engine through the first 1000km but nice smooth power delivery. Good build quality with zero rattles or rough spots in the rev range.

    Love the riding position, although a fair bit of wind buffeting probably normal to any naked bike.

    If I had to complain it would be hot starts. Turns over a fair bit before she goes.
  10. yeah they are interesting , wouldn't mind a ride on one one day
  11. Welcome George nice choice of bike

    Cheers Jeremy
  12. Welcome to you are yours.

    Nice choice - the Duke rejected me (I'm too big)
  13. Since I am returning to biking after 18 years I started investigating courses available out there. (Old enough to realise I don't know everything by now). But it's quite bewildering. Slow speed skill course, some intermediate and advanced rider training at some tracks, track days.......where does one start? Seeing as I'm more interested in safe and efficient touring and not extreme cornering I assume track days are not for me? Or do I just start joining some group runs? (Will you learn enough by just following?).

    Any comments or suggestions appreciated. Partly why I want to know is that setting yourself up for track days or more advanced training on track requires some investment in gear (I'm more a jacket and jean type than a full racing suit if you get what I mean).