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Living near the seashore, is that bad for the bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Siilk, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Basically, what thread title says. I'm currently looking for a new place to rent for a year or so and I have an opportunity to get a place in st Kilda, half a block away from the seashore. The place has no garage so the bike will have to stay in an off-street parking spot(no cover). With that in mind, how bad will it be for the bike in terms of rust etc? I ride to work every day so the bike will only be parked at that place at night. For what it's worth, I do have an oxford bike cover for some additional protection.

    BTW, a slightly different question: how safe is it to park off-street in st Kilda in terms of thieves/vandals?

    I'm kinda on the fence about renting that place so bike safety/wellbeing will most likely determine my final decision.
  2. Not so safe - I know of a few incidents of break in of cars parked on streets. That being said, I guess it also depends on what bike is parked. Drive way is probably a bit safer than street.
    To compare, you could probably try getting an online insurance quote and comparing street vs garage parking and also changing suburb keeping all other parameters same. Usually the risk in that case would only differ because of location.
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  3. I don't think itd be too bad, just take care of it... probably a good idea to use your cover.

    I'm fairly close to the beach too, no issues on my end.
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  4. If you've got a choice, I'd choose something else that suits your needs better. Having said that, providing you take care of the bike (keep it clean and in good knick) it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I'd be more concerned around security.
  5. I would cry if I had to leave my bike out in the weather all year round. Not that that helps the OP in any way :]

    And I thinks thieves may be a bigger issue that the salt.
  6. That salt laden breeze gonna kill it! Good excuse to buy a new bike every 2 years though... :)
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  7. The salty air is bad for anything made of metal that corrodes. Even a cover and parking in a garage doesn't help much compared to living away from the shore, that is more than 5 miles/8 kilometres inland.
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  8. I know of someone **cough** brownybrowny **cough** that lived near the ocean.

    His rust was held together by bike....
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  9. St Kilda is on Port Phillip Bay, that's not the sea shore.
    I'd be more worried about vandalism and theft than the environment.
    Buy a good cover and use it and a lock or two, try and keep the bike out of sight as best you can.
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  10. Thanks for that Damedi :facepalm:!
    Mate if it's windy and exposed it can be a problem - I had a bike cover as well and it didn't really help.
    I was around 300m from the ocean with not much in between and the wind stirred up and the salt was terrible. I noticed a huge difference having a Garage and being around 4kms from the beach....
    the rust wasn't that bad.,...... but it was there
  11. Update: decided to avoid this one. Parking spot was barely off street, so even if environmental conditions weren't that bad, there was no way to put the bike out of sight. Plus the apartment itself wasn't that great to begin with. Thanks for the info guys. :)