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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SLAMMIN, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. yo YO, perusing my victorian rider handbook, finding topics covered briefly but not in depth...what defines a 'pillion passenger'?...does this include animals?...cos my dog goes with me...he goes where i go...are animals subject to laws stating 'face forward, both feet on footpegs?...just finding the handbook lacking in many areas...no section covers animals and livestock...and what about luggage??...how much stuff am i allowed to carry around with me?...is there a weight limit for learners?

  2. No clear weight limit set, as far as I know.

    Yes you're allowed to have livestock, eg. cows, etc. but they must be wearing a helmet - but if its a cow you can not worry about the leather gear..
  3. Are you on your learners and riding with your pet? If so, i'd say its illegal, in NSW at least. Unsure as you dont state where you're from.
    And does your dog have long enough legs to reach the pegs?
    Or is it a pug you can fit in your pouch? Maybe you can sneak it in your pocket or a basket with pretty flowers, though non advisable.
  4. That is unless your on a scooter or reliving a clip from the movie ET :LOL:
  5. actually:


    concerning weight limits: your bike has one as advised by the manufacturer. stick to that.

    Q: why does your dog go where you go?
  6. We'll be getting a dog soon. We plan on taking it with us as much as possible, too, even on the bike.

    It's amazing how much stuff you can buy to carry your woofer, most of it overseas, though. Check out this site. Dogs on Bikes.
  7. My mate has a Bull mastiff x Rottweiler. Only 3yrs old but the owner takes him everywhere, and he's been on two flights already :shock:
    Could a dog like that possibly get a riders licence? Goggles and ears flapping in the wind, how cute :)
  8. Damn, that's a big dog to take on a bike. We're looking at dogs around the size of a Kelpie or smaller.
  9. well Ok then...umm, phizog i find cows as sexually arousing as the next guy, but they're like really really big...perhaps too big for a 250...i was thinking more like a duck or a chicken...cookeetree thanks for the cool link, awesome!...kellyvk i don't think a basket with a simple floral design is out of the question, good call!...twainharte, dammit that picture made me cry again...fsknvirago, thanyou too for your input, sometimes less is more...peace out...aaaAAARROOOOOO, sulLLAAMMMINN :eek: