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Liverpool Thur Nights

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Levih, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hai,

    Im Levi white guy on Blue Ninja 650R.

    Come tell me your names on thurs night cuz I dun know you lol!

    Take it easy people.


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  2. thats pretty good, liverpools a big city dude
  3. Hey Levi I don't think any of the regular crew is on NR except me, I'll send u a fb group to join.
  4. i live around liverpool, whats up?
  5. I'm in livo area but fri nights are better for me
  6. I wouldnt mind a mini meet up here if anyone else is keen?

    Be nice to grab a nice hot pie from Harrys :)
  7. I could probably do the odd Thursday night.
  8. Heaps of bikes meet at krispy kremes every thursday night then go for a ride, you will get probably 2 or 3 netrider members
  9. Im usually there thursdsay nights grabbing a cheese dog, yummo, also get the odd muscle cars rocking up
  10. Im not really keen on riding at night. But would like to meet some NR members

    Maybe we could do a small meet of NR guys next Thurs night?

    I know there are lots of bikes there but theyre usually in their own groups
  11. where is this?
  12. krispy kremes
  13. I saw one cruising along Cumberland Hwy the other day, it actually has a California plate on it?! Is that allowed?
  14. Just wondering, if anyone ended up going to krispy kremes?
    Oh yeah, Im a newbie to the forum, HeY all!
  15. Is that your bike parked in KFC on hume hwy, liverpool? I see that bike pretty much every day on my way home from work.
  16. does this meet at Krispy kremes still happen?
  17. Been twice and havent really seen a gathering, maybe the weather is putting people off.

    Might go this thursday and have another peek.

  18. what time u getting there?
  19. Roughly around 7 or so.
  20. To early, try 7 30, 8