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Live streaming Police radio (sydney)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. note: listening to the above links can be highly addictive :twisted:
  2. your not wrong , i have been listening for 2 hours now :LOL:
  3. Can we have a reader's digest? What's going on?
  4. shop lifters x2
    accidents x2
    assults x1
    drug deallerx1
    stopping a train to arrest someone x1
    VIC MOTORCYSLIST PULLED OVER X1 waiting for rest on it
  5. waiting for the Cronulla call .........
  6. My damn router is blocking it. Does anyone know what port they are operating on?? Both the Real Player and WMP versions if possible!
  7. no idea
  8. Damn it, i wanna hear the popo on the radio too, NOT FAIR!!

  9. I got a scanner at the start of the year and I have been just about listening non stop.

    Its very addictive :D :D :D

  10. RealPlayer uses TCP port 554
  11. thats kinda cool....... anyone got a link for a victorian one?

    oooh.. and a list of what the police calls mean...
  12. They are checking up on some cars in cronulla now....
  13. Would you like a coffee with that?

    And how many sugars? :D
  14. Cheers, i'll give it a try now!

    EDIT: just checked and i already had that port enabled. Damn it, must be something else!!
  15. Try www.scanaustralia.com.au or similar. for Victoria They have a link somewhere for the Victorian/ Melbourne stream

    edit....Sign Up and log in and they will be at the bottom right of the page.

    I have got the codes for VicPol just quickly;

    251 = Sergant on Patrol (250 Sergant on station duties)
    307 = Divi Van starting at 7am
    303 = Divi Van Starting at 3pm
    311 = Divi Van Starting at 11pm

    (Variations 310 = 10pm, 306 = 6am)

    600 Units = Traffic
    660 Units = Motorbike Police (Solo's)
    400 ? = Community Policing ??
    500 = Crime (eg Detectives/ MCIU)

    900 = Stations. eg Knox 900.

    Code 1, On patrol
    2, At station
    3, Meal
    4, Out with Vehicle
    5, On scene
    6, Paperwork/ Not available for jobs.

    That is the basic's if you want any more just search in Google for " Victorian Police Codes" or similar in pages from Australia
  16. unable to track down a victoria one , yet :LOL:
  17. Have you trie dthe site below, it was off line last time I checked, but I would keep checking. :wink: