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Live stream: Man to jump from edge of space

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mikey213, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. who else is watching this starts in 2 minutes.

    http://www.redbullstratos.com/live/ <<< better stream

    and there is a delay at the moment.. but still.
  2. Weather delay, 1.5 hours.
  3. delays are ****ing homo...worst part being i dont wanna start playing xbox as i know i'll completely forget about this crap and miss it.....COME ONNNN CRAZY GUY.....MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR THE NON-BEIGE OF THE WORLD
  4. What the hey, last night of my swing at work, got 4gb data left on the wireless and it resets when im off, ill watch :D.
    We dont have to watch him climb 36km do we? Thats going to take a while!
  5. yep, 12:00 they reckon.
  6. the red bull site has a better stream, and has details about the altitude etc..

    its gonna be cool if he doesn't die.
  7. it's gonna be cool regardless...just hope he makes it.

    i feel guilty for saying this but still.
  8. Cant get on the stream must be too busy :(.
  9. Ok it just got delayed for like 4 hours.
  10. This feels like man on the moon material. I wish I could stay up!

    340,500,000 viewers. Nuts.

    He'll make it for sure. It is going to be absolutely epic to say the least.
  11. If he actually manages to form a shockwave off his head I will be incredibly surprised.
  12. its been delayed again fml.
  13. watch it later on youtube. It will still be there.
  14. Setting up balloon now.
  15. Aww aborted.
  16. He made it didn't he? Maybe I dreamt that.

    yep: Totally dreamt it. How bizzare.
  17. it got aborted because of high winds.. can;t find much on when they will try again.

    glad i didn't stay awake haha..

    still going to be awesome when he does it though!
  18. That's an interesting comment. This event has been 5 years in the planning. With risk assessments, risk mitigation... safety systems, safety protocols... it's probably has aspects that are more beige than someone donning hi viz solely to cross a quiet suburban street.

    I wish the calculating nutter all the best!
  19. Well, Cheryl Stearns and Michael Fournier spent a hell of a lot more than 5 years trying :p

    Baumgartner's got red bull behind him, though, which makes all the difference.