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Live - One of the most underrated bands ever?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Listen: [URL="
    ]Lightning Crashes[/URL]

    Or this live (live version of Live har har) version: [URL="]Link[/URL]

    Now turn on your radio... ****.
  2. 'Dance with you' is also a good one, but yep lightning crashes is the best.
  3. They were VERY overrated when they first came out to the point of nausea.

    10 or more years on, I reckon they're ok, I wouldn't say underrated though.
  4. maybe underrated, a couple of songs really good songs (IMO); Run to the water, Dolphins cry.
  5. Underrated? Christonabike they were huge!
  6. Any alternative rock band will be miles below radar coverage these days. The 90's was the best time for music of most genres
  7. Gave Throwing Copper a listen back in the day. Didn't 't mind them initially, but grew tied of them very quickly. Not enough going on in the music for mine to sustain repeated listening. What little I've heard of them in the meantime (a couple of singles played on Rage, but nothing recently), has still had a big sound, but nothing really behind it in terms of song writing. Also thought Kowalczyk's lyrics also went totally shit when he started taking up the tortured Jesus personna in their videos. Would be interested to hear if they've produced some good stuff since. If any of you care to point out some songs, I'll see if I can check 'em out on you tube.

    The mid-90s were f*ckin awesome, and there was a nasty patch of musical vacuity durng the early 00s (which James Murphy sent up pretty well on LCD Soundsystems first album when he says, "I heard you and your band sold your guitars and bought turntables... I heard that you and your band sold your turntables and bought guitars." (Or something like that from memory.) But seriously, there is SO much good music going around at the moment, it's like a little renaissance. Plus some old acts like Wire, My Bloody Valintine, the Charlatains, Paul Weller, the Specials and the Fall have all been out here in the last couple of years or are about to tour. None of them are making money from record sales, so tickets are expensive, but then people seem to have the readies to pay for them since they're downloading rather than buying albums. I just wish I could afford to see more of them when they're here.
  8. No. I heard one of his solo songs on some really bad radio station the other day, very bad.
  9. live sure beats this little fgt PRICK!

  10. who is that?

    not on any main radio station there's not. Well, there's always triple M, but they still haven't got past the 80's yet. Not a bad thing by all means.
  11. We're a little spoilded for choice here in Melbourne with RRR (102.7FM), PBS (106.7FM) and 3CR (855AM) all of which are community radio stations run by volunteers. I subscribe to both RRR and PBS and they are where I find most of the music I listen to.

    Apparently in Sydney you have 2SER (107.3FM) which I've never listened to, not being from up your way, but I've heard good things about them, and they do rate a mention on RRR occasionally. Mind you, due to the diversity of genres that get played on community radio, it helps to have a program guide so you know what's on when.

    If you in to streaming stuff on the internet, you can tune into all these stations. Also BBC Radion6 have excellent shows, including shows hosted by Jarvis Cocker, Don Letts and Lauren Laverne (who used to be in Kenikie). The late night jukebox is also tends to be pretty good if you like a lucky dip of indie favs. The good thing about Radio6 is that the shows are all play on demand, whereas the community stations here can't afford the licencing that goes with this, so they can only stream live. But its there if your keen and interested to find it.

    I just discovered that Tony Biggs, who does a talkback slot on RRR every friday morning used to be a JJJ broadcaster in Sydney back before they went national, but got sacked for not being PC enough. Biggsie is gold, if you can handle the nutters who ring in to speak to him, because none of the calls are screened. JJJ is a f*cking wasteland using up valuable bandwidth, and musically is more conservative than Radio National (I know of a couple of local bands who, surprisingly, have been played on radio national, but JJJ wont play them because their songs are longer than 3 and a half minutes...) Triple J's high rotation policy has become a personal feifdom for Richard Kingsmill who people only like because they live in the country and never get to hear what decent radio is like...

    Wow, that turned into an unexpected rant. I'll stop now.