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Live Netrider MotoGP & SBK screenings, Fairfield (Vic)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Hey Guy's, I have spoken to the owner of a cafe/video library in Station Street Fairfield (a couple of doors from 7-Eleven) about getting Foxtel connected for Netrider viewing evenings. He is very interested and has said yes to it.

    I said that I will pay for the Foxtel and that we get priority for any motorcycle racing that is televised.

    The owner said that if the telecast goes real late, that he is happy for me to lock up if we want to stay back.

    The cafe has a huge projector screen and lots of couches, the owner (David) said that he will get more if we need/want them.

    It is also an internet cafe & library, the owner said that if we bring our 'other halves' that may not be so interested so much in the racing, they are welcome to play with other stuff there.

    There is heaps of parking out the front for bikes (undercover) & cars.

    I think this could be a very exciting prospect.

    Maybe a 'gold coin' donation on the evening could help ease the cost?

    Stay tuned, as soon as the Foxtel is connected I will let you all know.

    If you have Foxtel connected just for the bikes, you can ditch it now :grin:
  2. Dude, that's excellent! Can we bring booze?
  3. The owner says that he is just about to get a licence, I told him that a responsible bunch like us wouldn't drink and ride. I would think that we shouldn't drink while the place is open for business until he gets the licence..... small price to pay me thinks.
  4. Roger.
  5. Where's Fairfield? :wink:
  6. Anyone seconding the nomination of Johnny for "Humanitarian of The Year??? :LOL:.
  7. Johnny this is excellent news :LOL: Defintely interested and now that I'm finally off shift work I can watch the races on a regular basis :grin:

    Seconding hornets nomination
  8. Hey that is walking (Stagering) distance from my place... I could drink and stager and leave teh bike at home [​IMG]
  9. it's technically walking distance from mine, but i'm on the other side of the tracks. i'll get a lift up there hahaha
  10. So do you live on the good or bad side of the tracks :rofl:
  11. definitly the bad side!!

    Falcon lord and i live on the good side :p
  12. Ok Guy's, the cafe now has Foxtel connected and the owner is keen for Netrider evenings. Es has dropped in the Superbike and MotoGP calenders, so be ready for the first event.

    I suggested to the owner that we could all give a gold coin donation each Sunday, hope that wasn't out of line?
  13. Awesome Johnny, way to go mate!
  14. Good work JO and Es. I am there already.
  15. According to the SBK & GP calenders, Sunday March 30 is the first night 'live' telecast, I'll check to see if there will be evening replays of the day races from Feb 23 (SBK), Mar 2(SBK) and Mar 9 (GP).

    See you guys there!
  16. Yeah I'll be there. Looking forward to having a beer with my mates hornet600 and MVrog. See you there guys.
  17. Was a great night guys, I was surprised to see a few turn up tonight seeing as it was the Phillip Island round.

    I look forward to next weekend for the MotoGP telecast.

    Dave (the guy that runs/owns the place) is very friendly and helpful, he was giving table service for coffee & cakes and the pizza guys were delivering (they're only 20 meters away :wink: )
  18. Thanks again for setting this up Mr. O.
  19. I thought that Eswin had organised the venue,but I can see that Johnny O had a lot to do with the venue as well.
    Well done Johnny,Top Venue.
    I'll see you at the next one. :cool: