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Live near shire? Can tow a bike? Free Beer!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ljiljan, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, im looking at taking the bike to mechanics on the weekend to get it fixed and hopefully sold asap. The problem is it isnt rideable and I dont have a trailer, or ropes to tie it down. So if your partial to a free case (or something equivalent) and you can sacrifice part of your saturday to helping me get the bike to Carringbah, please reply or PM. cheers.

  2. Have asked the mechanic if they will pick it up for you?
    My last once was quite close to me and would pick up unrideable bikes.
  3. you can get one from kennards, its about $60 for a day. but you need a car with a tow ball to tow it, they give you straps too.

    whats up with the bike?
  4. you had me at free beer...

    but i dont live in sydney any more. good luck finding someone :)
  5. i have a tow rope you can hold onto whilst i ride up front on my bike?

    heineken pls. :LOL:

    but seriously, they should do pickup and someone sensibly said earlier. i dont have car atm. sorry.
  6. Going to Caringbah Motorcycles by any chance?

    If so just call them, they'll pick it up. I happen to know they will be out and about delivering a bike on sat anyway.
  7. yes it them. thanks mate will call them
  8. you know how theres like an engine thing. its making noises you dont normally associate with an engine.

    nah. it ran out of oil and seized, then unseized and kept going. I had heard of hyo's rear brake seizing, but it let go after about a second so didnt pay anymore attention to it and went the last 1.5k's home. think there was just enough oil to keep spitting up which was why it made it home. but yeh not good. Put it down to experience, same as just about every other aspect last year. weird year.
  9. ey lad if you can't get cbar to bring it in for you try sydney performance, they're not as experienced as steve and his bunch but if the jobs not too compicated they could save you a bit of cash. Both are great mechanics, cbar just has decades of experience.

    If all else fails, i'll ask my mate with a ute. He's helped me tow my bikes a couple of times from all sorts of locations and never wanted more than the cost of fuel. I think he'd deserve a case of beer just for being a champion mate.

    Drop me a PM if worse comes to worse, we'll both have a bit of time on sunday cause we're doing some mechanical work on mine anyway.
  10. Yeah, don't do that. I learnt the hard way... Landed on my feet though.
  11. nah rang cbah they'l pick it up, $55
  12. u buying another hyosung? :grin:
  13. just like you and yamaha mate. nah not sure what im going to do. will try and sell this to the first person that offers. then i got 8or so months till i get my fulls. might try and pick up a vtr to fill the gap.
  14. Finally got some sense in ya! :LOL:
  15. v-twin ftw. couldnt imagine having at 250 i4. would be a royal pain in the ass. having said that, i didnt mind the hyo to ride. if they sorted out reliability issues in a few years, might actually recommend one as decent potential learner. also the exhaust note was probably the best i have ever heard on a 2fiddy so far.