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live hostage situation on tourist coach in Manila..who saw?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Talk about glued to the tv! The vision was beamed live around the world on an abc station late last night.
    I was just gob smacked at how untrained the so called "" commando cops" were!
    It was a real sideshow!
    Hostages were shot, so after 10 hours of doing basically nothing they decide to TRY and storm the bus, what a joke, it was like we were watching some twisted comedy show....The cops all lined up behind each other, waving their guns around, countless times pointing their weapons at each others heads and faces whilst looking in a complete other direction....FARCICAL !
    Then they spend an hour trying to smash doors and windows with sledgehammers, these cops were so small they barely had the strength to use the thing, 3 times count them THREE TIMES a sledgehammer went flying into the bus! They then decide to tie a rope around the doors and then tie that to a ute, if it wasnt such a serious situation i would have laughed, they actually did a double knot!!! That was there power tie!...So the rope of course snaps ...
    All this time you see the cops peeping into the bus, any of them could have had their heads blown off at any stage...
    They try and storm the emergency exit of the bus, that was painful to watch...exactly what you would expect to happen when you send one man in, He gets shot at 2 seconds later and exits the bus faster than he entered ( we saw him being put in an ambo so assume a bullet hit him).

    The gun man , an ex cop, apparently highly decorated (for that part of the world) shortly after lets off a flurry of shots from his assault rifle...

    The cops go running and i shit you not you actually hear a man laughing and the only audio is outside of the bus.

    shortly after the vision is cut for a few seconds, when it flashes back you see a lot of green gas coming from the bus ( tear gas?) a man with his head blown open hanging out the front doors, we assumed that was a hostage but apparently it was the gunman? and people running towards the bus....

    No cop stopped any of the general public from milling around, it was crazy!
    the public are just watching as dead bodies and a few live hostages were removed from the bus....Talk about amateur hour, i seriously hope the country re evaluates its police force!
    Not one single hostage negotiator was seen!

    My husband is trained in counter warfare and hostage situations so you can imagine his commentary!
  2. Yep, also watched it live on Sky, nothing short of disgraceful, even the chief of police was shooting at the hostages and has the hide to go on the media and say "you are safe in our country, we will look after you"
    Tell that to the hostages he shot at
  3. feeeeeeeeeck. didn't see it. anyone record it!?
  4. Yeah watched it. Really bad video on CNN and the reain didn't help, but seriously - what a joke the cops/swat were... looked like a high school paintball skirmish!
  5. It's on youtube. I see what you mean by comical, the guy could of killed all the hostages if he really wanted to in the time it took for them to breach the bus.
  6. Just watched a 3minute clip of it on youtube...that was quiet disgraceful. As one of the comments from youtube...they should have played the Benny Hill song in the background.

    Sad but pretty weak from the cops.
  7. Should have taken the russian approach, gas everything.
  8. yep watched it here too... was absolutely pathetic from a HRT/SWAT view!
    And to highlight their quality training, when they gassed the bus at the end and went in, they didn't have masks on and were coming out again crying and couldn't see anything.
  9. can anyone put the link up????
  10. And so it was good to see what made front page news down here in Vic today...


    Matt Newton up for bashing (again) his girlfriend.
    Stop the world, I wanna get off!!
  11. +1
    Anyone record it??
    I saw the 3 min clip on utube, and was horrified!:eek:
  12. It didn't take someone trained as he is to commentate trust me... [-(
    One Aussie infantryman or two (OK, maybe 3) Vicpol could have done a better job!

    Sadly, the Aust Federal Police would have done the same level of job as the ones we are discussing, ASIO would still be looking for the bus and the NSW / QLD coppers would have denied that the bus even existed!)
  13. VicPol would of towed it for hooning and Melb City council would of given it 45 parking fines and CityLink would jump on board also and fine them for not having an etag...
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Oh look a massive
  16. lol Dave, i hear what you're saying...But even the Feds know what direction to point their guns!
  17. I stand corrected!!
  18. Mmmmmmm.......... maybe...

  19. :LOL:

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  20. Metlink Authorised Officers would be there too, to issue fines for not touching on their Mykis.