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Live Gig Pics

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Morbo28, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. I'm going to be doing more gig photography, I've only done a few in the past.

    Do you guys have one or two shots from gigs that you care to share?

    This is a mate of mine at a recent gig. They are aren't bad, but I am hanging to get my new lenses (eg fixed f2.8 17-55mm) as the current lenses are not fantastic at really low light levels - I have to crank up the ISO.

    (Btw There's a bloody cheap F1.8 lens that I'm gunna pick up soon - $130! I think it'd be a perfect addition for this sorta work. It's a Canon f1.8, 50mm and feels like plastic. But decent low-light performance. It'll do til I buy the F1.4 good qual one that costs $800. Anyone used it? I took a few pics with it at the shop)

    Catherine Britt at her recent Melbourne gig:

    Edit: put up smaller pics





  2. Cool shots :)

    I'll be looking forward to more interesting lighting at some gigs coming up, to get more dramatic backlit shots. I think I'm gunns suss out some metal acts to get some sweet face expressions :grin:
  3. I bought that cheap f1.8 50mm lens and I love it!

    I haven't got any low-light examples with it but I posted a couple of my noobie shots in the show-your-photographs thread.
  4. Not shots Morb's....She's hot!!!! Ill carry you camera bag next time!!!!!! lol
  5. lol you're a classic, Gilesy. (Did I mention she's an ex girlfriend? :LOL: )
    Yeah I shoulda invited you man! Come along next time :)

    Hey, we're off to grab a parmi at the Skinny Dog just before 8pm if you're keen dude? (Freak and Ebs too)
  6. Good to hear, twisties - that settles it, I'ma get one!! :grin:
  7. Already had dinner but i will come up and rip a couple of the tap!!! Text me when your on your way.
  8. sold!
  9. Went to see The Beautiful Girls at the Ekka.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    I'll get there......
  10. Nice shots boys and girls.
    What ISO are we using?
  11. its was obviously really dark and with the open air stage no many stage facing lights, so iso800 +3step exposure bias