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live from fri night coffee

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bangr, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Howdy all , live from fri night coffee , 10 of us left .

  2. Heh, hey guys ;)
  3. how is adelaide ?
  4. So...why no webcam? :p
  5. give me a break , we are working on it , this is a good start .
  6. You know the deal - no pictures means it didn't happen.
  7. let me work on it , maybe next time , are you going to be at willy on monday mark ?
  8. Whose wireless network are you accessing, btw?

    (You know I was just teasing about the webcam, right?)
  9. Oh, yes, mounted on my new toy (shhhh!!!)
  10. Stack... you are such a geek!!!!

    almost as geeky as being on dial up in rehab!!!! i already tried to find wireless but no hotspots in donvale around the rehab centre!!!!
  11. I just got hooked tonight , on my laptop .
  12. I'm not there... Just SOLD the CBR250RRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    So no more yellow BANANA!!
  13. Whats the weather like out that way? Thinking of going for a ride!
  14. Hey I've seen stack monkey's head, it's a *good* thing he ain't got a webcam :wink:
  15. hey burger , got kanola on as well.
  16. of course... i told him on msn that stack was being geeky... check it out!!
  17. Sure did

    Got her a sweet Sony Vaio and now she's surfing big time (dial up only tho)
  18. go away the both of you .
  19. The pics arent loading for me ?