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Live from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by scrambobbler, May 29, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm a long-time lurker from Brisbane that's finally got their bum into gear and had RE added to their licence. Hurrah! So long, public transport! :finger: I'll see ya in Hell!

    I don't actually have my wheels yet, though, and the wheels I'd like I can't have. Because of The Man, man. Blah blah something about fourty-eights and r75/5s being unsuitable for RE licence holders blah blah boring. :wtf: :angelic:

    So, I'm looking at second-hand LAMS bikes, around the 6-7K range, and i'm torn, I tells ya. Torn!

    CB400? CB500F? CB500XA? XVS650A? :bookworm:

    I just don't know. :nailbiting: Help!
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  2. I got a brand new CBR500R for $7,600 (on road). Less stress about what it's been through before. They don't seem to lose much value, as I have seen 2nd hand for more than I paid! I just rode the 500F today as a loan bike, I didn't like the feel, but they are basically the same except the look and handle bars.

    So my biased opinion is for one of those!
  3. Howdy and welcome scrambobblerscrambobbler . Can't help you with a decision on which bike as it's such a personal choice, but good luck and keep the shiny side up!
  4. I love my CB500x but it is defnitely a taller bike with a more upright riding position. If you like hugging fuel tanks then the R is the go but my wrists and back get too tired for that!
  5. G'day scrambobbler, welcome to NR. I'll make my usual vote to the question you've asked about which of those bikes would be best (you probably won't be disappointed with any of them): Honda CB400 SF.
  6. Welcome to NR
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. You're all drunk. :) If you can stretch to an MT07 you won't regret it. Best LAMS bike, ever.
  9. I wish, damn RE restrictions!! ;)
  10. You can ride a MT07 with a RE licence.
  11. Yes, my mate is planning on that. Think you missed the important bit that I quoted though!
  12. About being drunk? I didn't see the relevance. :)
  13. I like to have a drink. Have to be alcohol free on RE licence, at least for the first 12mths. It was meant to be a joke, hence the ;). My humour takes some getting used to at times.
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  14. Ha - thanks for the welcome all. :)

    I'll take myself over to the "Advice" section.