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Little things that make your day!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cookeetree, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Had something good happen lately? Use this thread to spread the good news. It doesn't have to be something life-changing. Could be that you won $2 on a scratchie. Whatever. Doesn't even have to be bike-related (which is why I put it in Off-Topic). Just one rule: No negativity. Let's keep it a positive thread. I'll start...

    I was about to head home a couple of weeks ago when my phone rang. I popped my Gearsack on the rack and took the call. You can guess what happened after the call. Yep, I climbed on the bike and proceeded to ride off, completely forgetting to even slip the bag over the rack, let alone attach the strap! :shock:

    I rode about 20km, passing traffic and "bending" the law a couple of times. Close to my destination, I happened to glance in my mirror and noticed that things didn't look right. I reached back and.........no bag! WTF?!!! I quickly pulled off the road, suddenly remembering that I hadn't put the bag on properly. I started panicking, wondering how far I'd gone before it had fallen off. I stopped the bike, put the stand down and got off.

    I looked at the rack and saw the most amazing thing; my bag, hanging from the back of the bike!!!! The buckle on the strap had snagged between the bars on the "floor" of the rack and prevented the bag from completely falling off!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I had a sh*tload of stuff in the bag and it must've weighed 10kg, but the PLASTIC buckle had held the bag on there with me zipping past all that traffic!

    I put the bag on properly, got back on and rode off.

    Luckiest day of my life! :grin: :grin:
  2. Now, cookee, I'm NOT being negative, but with reference to my "Am I my brother's keeper?" thread, did NO-BODY attempt to get your attention, in 20kms, so you could remedy this situation??? Amazing.

    Lots of good things happen; let me think of a few recent ones.

    {Good thread idea, mate (y)}
  3. While I was waiting for my mate at the park and having a ciggy (to go for a run...), a little girl thats probably 4 years old came running up to me, smile and waved.

    That made my day :grin:

    Her mum wasn't quite that enthusiastic though.
  4. Had a similar one last week with the car. Went to get petrol for the car and at the same time decided to get some fuel for the Kat as well (ie jerry can). Have the habit of sitting the fuel cap of the car on the engine lid (it's mid-engined) and so far have never forgotten to put it back - of course this time around filling the jerry can broke my routine. Sure enough get home and realise that the fuel flap's still open and the fuel cap's not where it's supposed to be. Then I realise that by a convenient design coincidence the gap between the boot lid and the rear wing just happens to be smaller than the fuel cap and that's where it had lodged itself and stayed put despite 10-15kms of driving. Okay so I only saved a fuel cap that's probably only worth a few bucks but was definitely a nice surprise.
  5. Dunno, they might have. As I said, I was bending the law a little, so I may have just not noticed.


    I love it when kids wave to me. They always get a huge grin on their face when you wave back to them! :grin:

    Good stuff, mate. That's what the thread's all about; the little things that make your day. Glad you didn't lose your fuel cap.
  6. Having the house to ourselves, cooking dinner with my man, followed by a candlelit bath, and some...fun..to follow :-w

    Best night I've had in ages :dance: :grin:
  7. Ah yes, peeah, the children are both married, the washing up and washing are down to almost nothing, and the daughter's bedroom is now my study, plus it's used for other, ahem, activities as well. It's lovely having children, but it's even nicer to be on your own again.
  8. Something similar..

    Heading down to bikeshop to get them to sign some forms I needed to send in to the rta that day else I'd get a fine. Put the envelope under my jacket and did my best to make sure it wouldn't fall out. Got to the shop and realised it had fallen out! DAMN, last day to get it done and I had to go straight to work from there. Stressed out for a few minutes, then found it 20 metres down the road!

    Another strangely similar one.. Last time I went to get tyres fitted, I got a nail through the old rear tyre on the way to the shop. Had a chuckle at the luck!
  9. Well THAT'S a definite plus; usually you pick up the nail as you're riding away on the new one :LOL:.
  10. *chuckles* luckily...no kiddies to contend with, grown or otherwise...just housemates....

    But I get your drift ;)
  11. good on you cookeetree

    i am impressed! some people would say ' i almost lost my bag, that's a bad thing' but you saw how good it is

    kinda like people saying

    'its a good thing you lived thru the crash jax'

    rather than

    'aw, ya lost ya foot, that's a bad thing'

    i am impressed!!!!

    when a person thinks of 'normal' as neutral, they will never be happy

    cheers :cool:
  12. Riding along on the Sth Eastern Fwy, ambling past a station wagon loaded with young kids, the little girl closest to me looks, smiles and waves. She then presses her face up against the window and does the puffer fish. I crack up, she cracks up, all the car occupants crack up. Smiles all round. :LOL:
  13. Thanks, Jax. :grin:

    My good news for today: Yesterday's rain cleared, blue skies this morning, had an awesome ride to work! :cool:
  14. Thanks for the smiles! :LOL:
  15. Went on the 250 Friendly Spur Ride last Saturday. Had a very cool thing happen. Here is an extract from the review:

  16. When you wake up thinking you're alarm's about to go off and you look at the time only to see you have an hour or two before you have to get up....now that's a small thing that makes me smile :grin:
  17. When I get home from work, the smiles on the kids faces.
  18. I take full advantage of those days. I get up early, get to work early and p*ss off home early. I figure it's better to utilize that time in the afternoon than waste it, laying in bed, waiting for the alarm to go off.

    Good one, Starlet. :grin:
  19. I look forward to that, when we have 'em. :wink:
  20. The indescribable joy I get from seeing my kids laughing and smiling, from their hugs and especially from hearing them say "I love you" completely un-prompted.

    I don't think that there's anything like that for lifting your day.