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Little Things That Annoy You..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. A couple of my pet hates...

    People that stand in the deli line for ages and only starting thinking about what they want after their number has been called.

    People who think that everyone likes their taste in music.

    Young men men who walk around in public with their undies hanging out.
  2. Ditto on the undies thing - guys you are just asking for an atomic wedgie!
  3. +3 on the undies thing and also the deli line thing.
  4. My top 5 for the week;

    1) people who insist I am their ashtray and throw ciggie butts at me while riding.

    2) people that want A then buy B cause it's cheaper then spend the next 2 years bitching they brought B and not A and how they would really like A.

    3) listening to my in laws problems and wondering why I should give a hoot.

    4) spending 12 hours at work in IT getting home to be informed my wife has told her mate I would fix her computer, and no I can't have dinner first.

    5) talk back radio / media spin on "speed", there is a reason the road toll keeps going up and that the message isn't working, it's the wrong damn message as all logically people know speed doesn't kill. Diaf Jammie Dunn.
  5. Women that stand in cheque-out ques for 10 minutes only to start rummaging for for their purse after they have been told the price. Like it was some surprise they were going to be asked to pay for the goods.

    People that pay by credit card for sub-$20 items, when there is a queue of people behind them

    old ladies that insist on paying in 5 cent pieces when there is a queue of people behind them
  6. Oh ooh! Or people who do the same thing at Subway.
    And THEN, when asked what bread they want, they freaking point to it's name on the sticker on their side of the window, that the person serving them obviously can't see.

  7. People that buy my kids shity quality toys, that have to be assembled, only to be broken within a short period of time, safe in the knowledge that "dad will fix it".
  8. A personal one that maybe no-one else will share. My wife's decision to use the box the washing machine came in as a kind of super clothes-hamper, which means it's too deep for anyone in the family to actually reach to the bottom of. Guess where all my socks live now.
  9. HAHA! I hate when people ask me how big a six inch or a footlong is :roll:
  10. “Anywaysâ€
    “Any†by definition makes it a plural statement, adding an “s†to the end of the word has no value. It is a word variant used by Americans. And it $hits me to tears.
  11. On the day you decide to quit, I foresee you having a hilariously inappropriate answer to that question.
  12. Ooohhh, don't get me started on words...

    I think the only appropriate approach to the 'how big is a footlong?' question is to reach for your fly...
  13. the problem is men have been lying to women for too long about how long 6 inchs really is.
  14. -Loud ring tones in public places that aren't loud, say the train, or the lobby of a building that is quite. Worse yet, those who let it ring for some time while they read the phone screen and take 30 seconds to decide whether to answer it. My phone lives on silent, for 99% of its life. This goes for open plan office phones also, FFS people, your sitting 8 inchs away from your phone, most have a light on them, ringer volume is not needed!!

    -People in the right hand lane on freeways not passing. Was worse before I got a bike. Now not so much an issue.

    -Uncontrolled kids in public places that are tearing shops to shreds while the parents ignore them. Like i mean yelling screaming tornado style. No I don't have kids, yes I may change my opinion if earth is unlucky enough for me to breed.

    -People who wait outside elevators and dive in as soon as the doors open thinking no one ever exits elevators. The last guy yesterday had me saying out loud "People actually exit elevators, MOVE!". He works 4 desks away from me I realised later.

    -People who stand in walkways or doorways where through traffic is regular, either reading something or playing on their phone. They get a good shove from me, no "excuse me, get the f^&* out of my way". Situational awareness lacking I say, same people who prob merge into motorcycles on the road.

    -Slow walking people on footpaths that group together and block the entire footpath. Much like the highway thing with cars and one above.

    -People who jay walk on the right hand side of an intersection. Result, traffic turning left on that side has to wait longer for them to clear = creates traffic for everyone in the city. The flashing and solid red man are there for a reason idiots.

    -People that stink in public places, trains, gym (if they don't wash their gear or use deodorant), work etc.

    Yeah that's all for now;
  15. people who stop in the middle of the pathway

    people who walk to slow and esp in big groups.

    people who slow day at the first sign of rain

    people that slow down for every corner

    people who slow down for green lights.
  16. ....ants......
  17. The Oh&S guy at work.
  18. +1 to all the ones mentioned so far.

    some more

    -people that all of the sudden scream as you walk past them on a dark street. (really annoying)

    -people that actually say the word "lol" instead of just laughing, just makes me say "wtf"

    -stubbing your toe on something really hard makes me scream "F@$K YOU WORLD!" :shock:
  19. "people who slow down for green lights."
    I drop back to the speed limit for any green light with a red light camera installed, incase it's one of the dual-purpose ones. I speed right back up after though :LOL:
  20. I can't believe the free kick Jason has just granted...



    ahem ahem...

    *cracks knuckles*

    *stretches fingers*

    *cracks neck*

    *straightens out tuxedo tails*

    *breathes in*

    The incorrect use of BRAKE and BREAK. ;) :p :LOL:

    Ok pet peeves:

    Right hand lane hoggers

    Whingetorian beige cardi wearing cotton woolled nannystate low IQ talk back callers who force the Beigetorian government to enact more cottonwoolling legislation

    The ideological one eyed philosophical blind focus on speed in all matters traffic.

    Motorcyclists who hang it on cyclists

    My tendency to procrastinate...

    Noobs giving crap advice on rear brake usage.