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Little Steps.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Gypsy, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. OK, I've taken the first few steps towards getting on Two Wheels. Last week I attended and completed my PreLearners course. Yesterday, I went down to the RTA and completed the DKT (Driver's Knowledge Test).

    So, now I am a learner licenced NSW rider. I can start taking a few bikes onto test rides, which I haven't yet, but like the title says, Little Steps.

    I had the chance to buy a Zeal for around 3K but decided against it as someone told me it would be too small for my size (6'1 and 105 kg). In fact, I've just about written off all the 250's from my choice of first bikes. The only reason I keep coming back to them is price. It seems hard to find a decent bike at a decent price in the upper LAMS category's. If I could afford it I'd get either a Yamaha XVS650 or a Hyosung GV650 (both cruiser types), but they are priced a little high for my budget.....for now.

    Currently, I'm keeping an eye out for either a Kawasaki ER5 or a Suzuki GS500. Not cruisers, but priced right (I think), and good to learn on, or so I'm led to believe.

    Does anybody have any personal experience with either of these bikes they could share? Any shortcomings or traps I should be weary of when looking at potential purchases? Any other suggestions apart from these bikes?

    Also, what do people think about gettign an accesory package. That is, a deal on helmet, gloves, and jacket, for around $350? Or should I buy them individually, which would obviously push the price up....

    Anyway, thanks for all advice etc. Hope to be out on the roads on my own bike shortly.....

    Cheers All......
  2. welcome Gypsy,

    You will get all kinds of advice on bike choice etc etc. My simple criteria was to find a bike that fitted me. I am also your size about 6'2" and 95kgs.

    I chose a Hyosung GT250, nice looking bike, right price and it fitted me. No other 250 except maybe a Honda VTR250 would. Comfort and reliability for me were two main ingredients in getting a bike, as I am learning like you I wanted something I could just jump on and ride.

    The gear, I took the advice of a lot of wise people and spent a bit more on gear than I originally had thought. I spent $1,800 on gear, but could have got away with about $1,200 and still have felt OK.

    I am sure I will trade the bike at some stage but the gear will last me years. If you want to read some of the banter that went one click the link.


    Welcome to the forums>
  3. little gear choosing guide i put together...
    http://www.rmgear.com.au/Choosing Gear.htm

    i think the ER5 and GS500 are good solid choices, havn't heard much bad about them except for them being a bit on the mundane side. but being a learner, this shouldn't bother you one bit and either will keep you happy for longer than a 250 :grin:

    personally, i'd be grabbing something like an old Z650 myself. its just a personal preferance thing more than anything, out of the entire lams list, thats the one that appeals to me the most.
  4. An old z sounds good to me. Buy the gear a bit at a time.. And yeah my leathers are 20 years old.. Might update as they have got better. But these are still as good as new.
  5. I ride a GS500 K3 and it has been a really forgiving bike. Below are some truthfull observations.

    It sits on highway speeds 1up or the occasional 2 up no problems
    Really good round town etc
    Very good on fuel.
    Pretty light and easy to ride.
    Cheap to insure and parts are easy to get.
    Goes fast enough to lose your licence if you get a bit too over the top.

    You will grow out of it eventually unless it's strictly 2 and from work etc.
    Has an annoying vibration at sustained revs 5000+
    Lack of ball tearing power can get boring
    Not really suitable for touring / long distance trips.

    I got mine for a really good price $4500 for a 2003 with 13K k/ms on it and it has done a fine job for me but you may grow out of it eventually.

  6. welcome to netrider

    you never know having a netrider card may hep in getting a discount on gear even if the store isnt netrider offcialy discount vendor, i know i did.
  7. Cant go past a z650 classic bike and theres plenty of options as far as performance increases are concerened :grin:
  8. Well done Gypsy

    A far as gear goes, you could try actions at Parramatta. They have a sale on at the moment. I went in and picked up 2 Rivet mesh jackets on Satuday for 99 bucks each, they still had several XXL left, which should fit your frame.

    They also have Helmets, leathers, boots, gloves on sale as well. I think it finishes on the 28th.
  9. Go the Z! Search Z650 in the forums, I have spouted off some stuff about them! LOL!
    They are like anvils, unbreakable. I reckon one would come off better in an accident if it hit a new micro car, they have so much metal in the frames!
    BUT, if you buy an old bike and can't do you own work, please budget at least $500 for odds and ends that will come up. Old bikes are much cheaper, but that doesn't man they don't need maintenence.
    I love my Z.

    Regards, Andrew
  10. Thanks for your replies. Yeah, I was also looking at the z650 but haven't found any in the classifieds anywhere. I know somebody with a z900 and he swears y it. Says that when he dies they will have to dig a bigger hole so they can bury the bike with him.

    Oh well, keep looking I guess. In no real hurry for now.....

    Also, just a quick question regarding that first bike purchase. How many people out there got their bike delivered to their front door? I know there is a thread about people and their 'first' ride, which centres on the ride from the dealer/trader back home, but how many people weren't confident enough to take that first ride? Is it worth just getting it delivered to your house and riding around your well known local back streets fir a while to get up the confidence? Or should I just bite the bullet and dive in head first.....?

    Cheers All....
  11. that'll depend on your confidence in your own abilities. i rode home no stress, was a little weird wearing a fullface helmet for the first time (used to ride dirt squirters) but besides that, it was a great experience.

    if you're asking the question tho, i think it might be best to get someone else to ride it home for you. it is easier on you if you're learning on quiet, familiar territory...
  12. Hi gypsy, congrats on your L's.

    Most post's i have read and newbies {like me} i have talked to said there L's course is just to get you to learn the very basics ,and you still need to learn to ride faster then 20kph.
    I got the bike delivered and rode around the block for a week ,and back roads the next week ,main road the week after ect. little steps.
    Don't think your the only one thats not 100% confident after leaving the L's course ,get the bike deliverd to your home.
    It may cost you $50 ,pppfft nothing ,compaired to freaking out for 30minutes or 1 hrs.LOL.
    If you buy it private get the older owner to ride it home for you if you can't get a ute or a mateto ride it.

    I got the new gs500 i havn't got any vibrations on mine but heard about it in the older models.
    I have been looking for a second hand 500cc+ for a mate and their not cheap ,they must keep the value so if you look after it ,they pretty much they keep there price ,you may pay $4500 for a L'S bike but "might" only lose $1000 after 12 months and get $3500 back.

    There is not a great deal of GS and ER5 bikes about ,but here is an example.

    ER/5 2001 model ...It's got 74,000km.
    To $$$$ with them km's ??????

    Some people will out grow a GS or ER5 ,but if your older and wiser and on a budget ,you will be happy with any thing ,for 12 months.
    Young guys living at home want to buy a CBRRRR 250 ,3 months later wants a R6, 3 months later wants a R1, 3 months ect ect ect.
    No matter what bike you get ,you will always what a bigger one.
    It's just trying to find a good one cheap that you will want to keep for 12 months.
  13. congrats and welcome mate. i have the manbag (accross) im 5'10" and 110Kg.. i can usually sit on it for about an hour.. but its my knee that plays up not my back or anything, but get a biger bike.. 2fiddy's are boring. safe i know, but boring.

    gear? i spent about $1500 on my stuff, and am more than happy with it. draggins, dririder jacket, shark helmet, alpinestar SP2 gloves, and dririder boots.

    first ride is first ride. weather it be from dealer to home.. or from home to anywhere... its still the first time. i found it exhillerating.. esp as i was riding round with no speedo. if you have been driving cars.. stick to roads you know, and just remember, cars will treat you the same, if not worse. they dont get nicer and you know how stupid they are when you are in a car too.. so keep ya eyes open and you'll be fine.

    and like my mate said.. BREATH! oh.. and front brake.. back one locks up alot easier.
  14. Not much difference in height between the 250 hyosung and the 650. Maybe about an inch... 2 at the max
  15. Man, that would be the deal of a lifetime if U can find
    someone who'd give you all that for $350 :grin:
  16. Kishy,
    Yeah, a lot of places have these 'special' learner's packages available. Only problem is that the gear is not top shelf. How would a new rider know though, except by asking around. I think I'll spend a few extra dollars and get something at least half decent.

    Soooo many decisions to make. Do I go the full face, or an open face, with or without a visa? Full face is safer, I believe, and offers protectino against the bugs and grit etc, but the open face looks better suited to cruisers.....if that's what i get (still looking). Do I go leather or fabric for the jackets? I'm pretty much already decided to get some Draggins, and the boots are sorted already. However, how do you decide on the gloves? So many decisions to make, even before going on a first ride..... litlle steps......

    Cheers All....
  17. gear choosing guide..... http://www.rmgear.com.au/Choosing Gear.htm its not the most comprehensive thing in the world, but it'll let you get an idea.

    as for the helmet, personal preferance i think. i'd go the full face first, but if you want a faceless helmet later, grab one...
  18. Thanks Coconuts. I know I'm asking questions that I can find the answers to by searching, but there is so much information here and I'm reading and trying to absord as much as possible. When I'm asking one question another pops up and I'm asking that question too, even though it's probably been asked hundreds of times before. So, please, everybody excuse my silly questions. They are the excited rantings of a young boy inside an old man getting a new toy.....

  19. If it's a choice between GS500 and ER-5, you'll find the Kawasaki to be a far superior bike from the ground up. It has a bigger (and liquid cooled) engine with more power, handles slightly better (personal observation only) and is ideal for touring, twisties and commuting equally. 2 up for sustained highway riding won't be an issue.

    There's nothing wrong with the Suzi per say. It's a nice little bike, but it's not on equal terms with the ER-5.