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Little smoke a big concern?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by red.hot, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    I just picked up my '97 GPX from a dealer in Adelaide on Saturday. I'm hoping to get a couple of second opinions on its condition over coffee on wednesday night.
    I took it out yesterday to begin the forging of a beautiful relationship. After riding for about an hour or so, I noticed when I pulled up at a set of lights that I could smell burning and there was a very small drift of blue smoke coming from over the front wheel. The engine temp seemed fine (needle 1/3 up the gauge). I pulled off shortly after to check it out. I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary from the engine, but noticed some oil around the front shocks.

    I was just reading the very informative (must read for newbies) thread in "New Riders and Riding Tips" titled "The things you SHOULD worry about as a new rider....."

    I consider the link in the post by Atlas (here it is for you: http://www.flamesonmytank.co.za/ride.htm ) an invaluable read.

    Pre-ride maintenance checks include:

    5) Front shocks
    Check the front shocks for any oil leaks.

    Could this be a possible cause of my blue smoke? The bike had a full check and ready in the dealership before i picked it up, but this certainly does not necessarily mean that i have received it in tip top condition.

    Thoughts and feelings...?
    (Other than dealers suck, I was pretty happy with these guys to date, but that may change).
    Much appreciated

  2. Unless it is a bad leak & blowing back onto the motor & burning it is not the front forks. Try looking elsewhere. Have you checked the motor oil level? Does it need continual topping up?

    Maybe the smoke was coming from another vehicle.
  3. Unlikely to be fork oil. I'd be looking for a leak, probably dripping oil onto the headers if the smoke's coming up the front of the bike. Take a good look along all seals and you might spot it. If the engine is dirty you'll need to degrease and clean it meticulously, then give it a 10 minute run. The oil leak should then be obvious. :)
  4. ^ and if it's not, clean the engine and spread a little talcum powder in the area/s under suspicion (sounds to me like the front top of the engine, mebbe the rocker cover gasket has a split), then warm the thing up/go for a ride etc. Check it again, you'll see the leak if there is one easily enough.
  5. Hi folks,

    I checked out the bike last night, and there's oil/grease on the front of the engine, it may be a leak, or just really dirty (hopefully). It looks like when the engine has heated up, the oil/grease has burned off, causing the smoke. The engine oil level was at the top marker, so it may have just been over-filled with oil. Hopefully there will be a few more opinions on the problem at our Wednesday night coffee meet...but feel free to speculate now! :grin:


  6. Thanks for the advice guys.
    I'll be riding in with AF2AF3 tomorrow night and perhaps a couple of others.
    See you then!
  7. if they done a service on it before you bought it, they may have over tightened one of the rocker cover bolts which will cause the engine to seap as the oil pressure builds up, you should ask the dealer to have a look at it and ask them some questions
  8. check your crankcase breather pipework. These engines are 360 degree twins and like to pump a bit of oily air out of the breather.
  9. I dropped it into YH this morning for them to have a look. The mechanic seemed to think they would want to charge me (to fix the oil leak that came with the bike). When I told him that they had said the bike would be in RWC when I picked it up, he said that they should then be liable for the repairs if that is what they have said.
    I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Ehem, YW. Dyslexic typing.