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Little Scratches / L plate

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by imanass, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys was wondering if anyone can tell or give me a link on how to fix the little scrathes on my black 06 hyosung GT250R.
    And how do i put my L plate on the back?
    Really new to bikes =p thanks...

  2. Ok, the bike is new and so are you, so first of all, welcome to Netrider :).

    If you are familiar with car polish, it can also be used on a bike, but don't rub it in as vigorously on plastic parts as you would on metal with a car.

    If you haven't already got a tank protector, get one, or you will put permanent scratches on the tank.
  3. I see thanks :]
    how about the L plate?
  4. You need to go to Bunnings and ask them for a 4" coach bolt.
    Use a welder to make sure it doesn't fall off
  5. :roll:

    I just used the screw that held the selfty reflector thingy on the back of my bike. Un-screw it put the screw through the hole of the L plate and put the nut back on.


    put it on a corner of ur rego plate. To put it on just use one of the screw like I said above. Works both ways...
  6. for mine, I just put a hole through the license plate, a small bolt with washers (and rego label holder), whack a nut on the end of that, then once it is fixed (tail end pointing out), whack the plate on followed by a bolt or wing nut. works a treat, in a house with 2 full, 1 P and 1 learner, it makes the plate swap easy.
  7. your an evil evil man vic....

    Go to bunnings grab a pack of m10 or m8 (m- metric 8-8mm thread) bolts, a pack of washers (m8 or m10) and a pack of nylon locking nuts they have a little plastic collar in the top that stops them vibrating loose.

    now using your dads drill and a 9mm or 11 mm drill bit drill two holes in your l-plate in each top corner. Place on you rear fender below the number plate at an odd angle or flat on and well drill through the holes into the fender.

    Bolt up and ride away...

    Alternatively if you don't want to drill out your bike duct tape the l plate to your back :LOL: :LOL: