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Little *$%@#s

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by spottedninja, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. My bike was pushed over last night by a group of young aboriginal kids. I would guess aged between 10 and 16. They then continued to cross the road and start kicking cars parked in the carpark, jumping on their roofs and bonnets as well.

    When i went to the police station to report this I was told to come back the next morning.

    This sort of behaviour is attrocious it should not be happening. At least 3 people called the police and they did not attend.

    Damage to the bike is all the fairings on the left side, front and rear indicator, exhaust has been sc****d and pushed into the tail light, foot peg is damaged.

    I wonder why i live here sometimes.
  2. So why didn't you stop them?

    Why rely on the police when you really KNOW that they will not come straight out to protect your precious paintwork?

    Funny that.
  3. ^^^ What he said! Would have gotten an ass kicking if it was my bike
  4. Why DO you live in Alice Springs? Just wondering...
  5. maybe cause he'll get jailed for child abuse? Racism?? cant even disipline your own child nowadays..
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  6. 'a group'. Maybe because he's sensible? :p
  7. It's funny you know. There's another thread going here about someone who took the law into their own hands. People are whinging because these kids got their ar$e kicked. You guys are suggesting that the OP should have handed out some justice himself in his scenario.

    I hope you wouldn't have complained if he did?

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  8. So its "sensible" to allow a group of kids (would you have said white kids if they where caucasian?) to trash your bike? I'd understand it was a Cow-is-ugly or a fuckvarna.

    Wouldn't happen in my street I tells ya.
  9. So if I come to your house and push your bike over- while you watch- your ok with that?

    The copper in the other thread is a different story than this. The OP must of seen the kids push the bike over, not just got pissed at them because he's a pig that forgets he is not the law to himself.
  10. That link you provided is not a case of kids getting their ar$e kicked because they did something wrong, its that someone believed they had stolen a bike and necked them from it.

    Seeing a group of kids trashing your bike and acting accordingly is different from suspecting someone of doing something and kicking their ar$e anyway...
  11. No, I wouldn't be. But it's not about me and my bike. If he had of given these kids a touch up for pushing his bike over, would you be ok with that?

    What if it was your son who did the damage and someone flogged him?
  12. The OP hasn't said how many kids there were and how old they were so it's pretty premature to start bagging them out for not taking matters into their own hands. If a big group of teenagers were kicking my bike and it was just me, the wife and kids at home, I sure as fuck would have stayed inside.

    Edit: just saw 10-16, still there is a big difference between 10 and 16
  13. If it was my kid, I'd be happy if the OP gave him "what for" I'm NOT saying to bash the kids, or to hit them at all, But to sit behind a closed door and shiver at a bunch of kids??

    You people make me sick.
  14. 10 - 16 is the estimated age of the teens... there was no mention of how big the group was in the OP
  15. I've done relief work up in Alice and having seen these gangs of teenagers roaming the streets, there is no way in hell I'd be trying to take them on. Locals advised me that if you hit one in a car by accident then keep driving - straight to the police station.
  16. Don't think any of you guys who think you could just go on a coon bash have ever lived in a town with them. Or would really have the guts away from your keyboard. or have a clue about the law. You bash em you are the one doing time in or out...no matter what they did.
    Bugger Ash...sorry for ya mate. Hope it comes back like new inexpensively.
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  17. I lived in sierra leone for a few months......
    i still have a machette (for...... gardening, yeah gerdening) near my bed.
  18. What was he going to do once they pushed his bike over? Bash the kids? Even if you had no problem with that, what are his chances in a group vs one scenario? Detain them? How?
  19. If you haven't lived in or near the Alice or anywhere that has a large indigenous population then you really have no idea how dangerous it can be, and Alice Springs is probably one the worst, the alcohol abuse issue is big, all the communities around Alice are dry, but not the Todd River settlement right in town, and you don't pick a fight with a town aboriginal because every other aboriginal is his/her brother and they do get payback. You must have a good job Spotty cause I wouldn't live there.

    It ain't all about big red rocks and kangafuckingroos.
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  20. Not to mention that half the group wold probably be carrying screwdrivers, and would have no hesitation in jamming it into your back.