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Little ride around the Central Coast

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Le Riding Frog, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. The hubby and I finally succeeded to get out for a decent ride together today! We are both pretty new to riding and so far we either had only one bike or just did some small-ish rides close by to learn the ropes. We need to get some longer rides experience mostly because we are crazily planning to do a return trip down to the Great Ocean Road from Sydney later in the year (early plans 3,800kms in 7 days...)

    It might not sound amazingly huge to more experienced riders but today we did about 240kms in all sorts of road conditions from motorways to city traffic, and sightseeing. We had a lot of fun with a few breaks along the way. I also gave the hubby an extra break because I'm so thoughtful and caring (ok I messed up and took the motorway exit one too early and had a little "detour"... so he had to wait for me to get back on track).

    One thing I noticed today was the effect of the wind... I am only a bit over 210kg together with my scarlet lady and at 80-90km/h I really felt the gusts! And also the 90km/h speed restriction of Ls is really annoying on the 110km/h motorway...

    Here are the two red speed demons (aka the crawling demons!) topping their tan at Patonga beach.

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  2. It looks like it was a nice day to be out riding together. Congratulations getting your own bikes now. :]
  3. hey LRF it was a great day for a ride, sounds like you had fun. it's great knowing you can have an awesome day out for as little as $40 in fuel.
  4. Nice one, don't talk to me about the wind today. Sat at the drop zone all day hoping it would drop off and it never did.
  5. Hey LRF, nice to meet you. Glad you had a good time.
  6. Looks great! I live around there! Did you hit old pac between Berowra and Gosford?
  7. LRF,
    that sounds like an amazing day out, and you shared it with each other living in the moments together. Doesn't get any better than that.
    Your dream ride to GOR sounds like a great adventure, you will love every minute.

    90 kph is just a dangerous restriction - the very first thing I am doing when I get off my restrictions (Red P) is going up to the freeway and doing the face melting speeds as posted (legally), 110 kph - look out ! :)
    cheers Fred :)
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  8. Cracker day for it. Nice one
  9. Thankyou for your ride report and get ready for the GOR. I will look forward to that ride report.
  10. Sydney is great for day rides to enjoy as well as practice. Just went to Jervis Bay via the Gerringong turn off, followed the Shoalhaven. Coming back included the coast road north of Wollongong back via Heathcote. Pretty straight roads, coastline most of the way. Then there's Kangaroo Valley loops, up to Mittagaong, Canberra, rides up and over the Blue Mountains, and the Central Coast as you've found. The Mudgee loop would be good too. The local Royal National Park can be fun but shouldn't be underestimated, plenty have paid for that. The Great Ocean Road sounds great, recommend the NSW coast road if you've the time. Enjoy.
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  11. the lucky two you are. enjoy the journey not the destination therefore ride on roads less travelled and keep away from the faster cars and trucks. i am from melb and rode the GOR 2 mondays ago. lorne is a beautful place. It is an amazing coastal ride but the thing you will like about it most is that you did it together. the phota below shows the offcal begnning of the gor and my first bke whch was a honda 250 and my first time i rode there.. now something bigger but still lams

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  12. Great to experience riding together, when you do your GOR ride can you manage an extra couple of days as doing 500+ km a day can be taxing for new riders, if you could slip in a rest day or a couple of smaller distances you might enjoy it more instead of HAVING to make a destination, been there, especially if the weather is not on your side
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  13. Great report Le Riding FrogLe Riding Frog. Look forward to more of them as you warm up for the GOR trip.
  14. Can't believe I didn't reply on here yet! Thanks all, it's amazing how that longish ride improved both our riding skills. It seems to have delivered me from that slightly scared feeling I had before each ride, I'm still being very careful but I have started worrying less and enjoying riding more (believe me that's a big step!!!).

    On that occasion we did the Old Pac up to the entry of M1 after the bridge at Mooney Mooney, and I added a bit of it accidentally at Calga o_O
    Previously went up to the Old road cafe for a snack, it was my first trip out of my neighbourhood and the hubby followed me with the car! But planning to do the round Putty road/Old Pac one day.

    Haha I love the "face melting speed", I found the 90 so hard to keep as you cannot get a reference on anything plus all the cars/ute/trucks overtaking. I had to keep checking my speedo all the time which isn't the best at all, but on double demerit weekend with all the cops around...

    I completely agree on that, we were exhausted after that 240km ride!! I'm definitely planning never more than 450km in one day (and at the moment only two of the days are above 400kms) with contingency off days. It's still several months away but I'm getting all excited about it :woot:.
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  15. Give me a yell if you would like some company if you make it to the western end of GOR
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  16. What a great thread! Fab ride report and really nice comments from everyone.

    Planning to do GOR going the other way - from Adelaide to Melbourne - with my wife once I lose the yellow tag. GOR to Melbourne, inland through the Grampians back to Adelaide.
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  17. Glad you had a great day out, one of many by now I'm sure. I'm up at Norah Head so if you see a black VFR on the road it may be me. I agree with you about the 90 restriction on the freeway being dangerous. Overseas learners are simply not allowed on Freeways but personally I think that's overly restrictive, but the speed restriction should be removed or reduced so the speed differential is smaller between learners and other traffic.

    It sounds like you have realised that long days are harder work on little bikes, but my daughter managed a weekend away where she did 500 km days on a CB125 and a colleague's daughter rode a scooter even smaller than that from London to Ulaanbaatar and an even smaller one from London to West Africa, so your plan is perfectly doable.
    It's just fitness really, so you have a great excuse to get out and build up your riding muscles as it were to prepare for your trip. As if you really needed an excuse to go riding..................:)
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  18. Hated the 90km restrictions on freeways, dangerous I reckon. Very rarely (shoot me) did I sit on the 90kms....
    First long ride I did was to Boorowa...300 plus (cant remember)...my rear end was soooooooooo sore! Keep riding and stay safe and happy :)