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Little red flashing bicycle signs at traffic lights

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stewy, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Not sure how long they have been around but noticed this morning that now next to the don't walk (little red flashing man) which changes to green when it's safe (cross on the pedestrian walk) .....there is now another little box which shows a little red flashing bicycle, which turns green..... :shock: have we become so stupid we need all these little symbols/signs for each mode of transport.....i mean they both change at the same time (well they did this morning)....seems like a huge waste of government money that could be better spent :mad: what next are we going to get little flashing cars to replace the large lights at traffic lights :roll: or ones showing a person walking a dog :LOL: the stupidity of this country is amazing me atm

  2. Stewy I think you are missing the point here, The new crossing light has nothing to do with pedestrian/cyclist saftey, but in fact is an economic stimulus plan, just stop and think about how many jobs have been created by the production and installation of said lights, weather they are needed is is not the point.

    This post needs a little light that turns from red to green saying sarcasm.
  3. They have always been around where there are bike paths (Not bike lanes but shared pedestrian/bike paths) And yes the inanity of each mode of transport needing its own set of light is astounding
  4. oh right....yeah it is along the a bike path area (dandy -frankston bypass), thats probably why i haven't seen them anywhere else....yeah i still stand by my comment why to you need both sets of lights turning green at the same time.....would be funny to see them go at different times though :LOL:
  5. Just a side note stewy, the one I see on my morning commute changes at different times to the pedistrain man light. This I think is due to the length of distance traveled over the intersection, i.e. see a red flashing symbol (man or bike) and it means hurry up and get off the road. It would take longer for a person to travel then a bike.

    My other theory is also to indicate cyclists don't have the exact same road rules as cars, and there is a right and wrong time to cross. By having the light there, it shows when they should and shouldn't be crossing. But, the one I see on my morning commute, I see no point, they all ignore it anyway. Scares the shit out of them when I filter to the front of the cars and stop inches from the line at a rapid pace... :twisted:
  6. I suspect they can make the cyclists lights go green while the adjacent lights are green to send them into the traffic for a laugh :LOL:

    That might thin the numbers a little!
  7. you sir, are a genius. :grin:
  8. There is a couple around the city. Surely a more cattle orientated light would be cheaper GO, STOP.

    :LOL: that's gold MV
  9. Thank you sir. My geniusism has gone unnoticed for far too long.
  10. on a bike trail from croydon to knox city shared bike and pedestrian path crosses over a main hwy.

    Green for bike and walking man change at the same time but the walking light goes red before the bike light. This i assumed was because bikes cross quicker then someone walking.

    Which leads me to question this, because the last time i checked im pretty sure it was technically illegal or maybe it was just 'unsafe' practice to ride your bike across a road crossing
  11. The timing does differ bwtn the pushie & peds lights in most cases. Where there is a light for pushies, then they can ride across the 'pedestrian' bit of said intersection.

    Big problem with pushbikes at the mo:
    Measures put in place to manage them are just complicating things.
    Seems that recently they have been mowing down peds & racking off, new legistation in place to specifically to combat this.
    Who would have thought?
  12. it gives me the real s*ts when cyclists are basically unmonitor'd compared to the rest of commutors. Their one of the most disrepectful and dangerous bunch (yes, generalising)

    If they want respect, choose how to ride, either STAy on the foot path or Stay on the rode in lane or exclusive lane when provided. Don't weaive on and off road, run red lights because they think they don't apply to them.

    ARgh..boils my blood when i see cyclists riding so neglient of everyone else.

    And i myself ride or use to ride alot. (on a pushie tat is)
  13. Why put up signs for the lycra wearing loser tour de france wanna bees!!!!
    they are the only road user that has no need to be accredited to use our roads so how the hell are they going to know what the signs mean any way! they have no registration costs to pay for the upkeep of their exclusive road sections or identification to pursue compliencing of the laws they break that they have no requirement to learn or be tested on. and as far as helping congestion most cars have to slow down and change lanes to avoind them as they wobble up a hill! Ban the bas%^&s.
    ok i can breath now :)
    There are still some good pedal pushers out there and I am awere that you will get good and bad users i just see a lot more bad ones.
  14. occasionally a cyclist in the city will block the lane split leaving me stuck between two cars at the lights...
    occasionally they will wonder through intersections and I have to take evasive actions on tram tracks to dodge them...
    occasionally I'll be walking through the city and they nearly clip me belting around foot paths or up and down curbs...

    occasionally I clip them with my mirror as I take off at the lights trying to beat the cars i'm stuck between and squeeze past them...
    occasionally I don't really take evasive action and just smile...
    occasionally I go booting up bicycle paths on my motorbike and scare all living hell f^&k out of every cyclist on there...

    it all balances out. :grin:
  15. Meh. I don't see any difference between this & lane splitting/filtering. If you don't split & filter, then all well & good otherwise...
  16. The amount of cyclist bashing on this forum is fcuking pathetic. I suggest all those that choose to point fingers at cyclists have a good looking at themselves. If you have a beef with a particular cyclist then take it up with them instead of coming onto a motorcycle forum and have a whinge. There are dickhead cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers.

    Brownyy if you choose to harm a cyclist then remember what goes around comes around. You might piss off some cager one day and they might decide to give you a little nudge... won't be so funny then will it. You'll come onto NR and make it all the cagers fault, forgetting what you supposedly do to cyclists.
  17. Don't hide behind emoticons brownyy...
  18. FFS port80, all sorts of stereotype bashing occurs on this forum. You as a regular should already know this, why your getting so upset about it is beyond me but something suggests you commute or ride push bikes regularly. Oh hello, I used to also once upon a time in both melbourne and canberra.

    Cagers, Taxi's, cyclists, truck drivers, female P-plate drivers, cruiser riders, scooter riders, poser riders, hoon riders, and everything else I can't think of get a good lashing on this site, GET OVER IT.

    Who says it hasn't already happened?? How would you know that I'll post in the Vent Forum having a sook? <-- Right there is a stereotype, that when a rider comes to grief with a cager of whatever incident will post in Rant / Vent section is a huge stereotype smack out.

    FYI, I generally dislike reading the Vent / Rant section, always boring straight forward same story. Cager cut me off / cager got road rage, I backed off - created distance and that was the end of that. Yawn, Boring, heard it all before.

    Now, go enjoy this product...

  19. So lets us break this down sometimes there is someone in front of you and you are to timid to say “Excuse me but could you move forward so I can get out of the split?â€
    When they are slower you will intimidate and endanger there health and safety
    When they are in the area designate for them you will intimidate them.

    So basically you are a D!ckless Bully then?
    Does this about cover it?
    Some people here are big on peddle bashing because “Oh no they break the law†but then we get examples like this of bullying and endangering there lives.
    Brownyy you are a tosser.