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Little help needed for dropped bike....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Grunge, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. So... I was trying to be a good samaritan helping another rider down when my bike was dropped from standstill... :(

    Was going down Barkley St in St Kilda for the Tuesday ride, when I saw an accident, red triumph down, banking up traffic from both sides.

    Was near the front of the accident, and as some people were getting the bike up and moving, someone asked me to help move the bike -- they seem to be having trouble doing to clear the roadway.
    (Makes sense as I was someone else on a bike.)
    I parked the bike, noticed that it was on an incline down, so I kicked the stand twice and shook the bike to make sure it would stand. So far so good.

    Went to move the bike (it was stuck in gear, just had to get it to neutral) and it was okay. Turned around walked about 3 steps, 3 metres away from the bike when I (in slow motion) saw my bike crash down the gutter.

    Thank you so much. :(

    Anyways, I need some help to be able to source our parts maybe, or someone who'll be able to get it fixed/quote, reccomendation.
    The bike's a '07 zx10 limited edition (black with flames)

    Damage done is:

    Left side mirror broken
    Left side fairing scratched
    Front fairing scratched
    Pegs scratched
    Bar end scratched to hell
    Left Pazzo lever scratched (how!?!?!?!? These are shorties!!!!!)
    Front fender small scratched (can get away with this)
    Oggy knob slightly scratched (didn't even help! But it's ignorable.)

    Anyways, my question is:
    Will the above list tally over $500 (especially the bolded?) If so, then it's easier to go insured and claim my fault.
    Also, where can anyone reccomend a shop to get this done in? Especially in the SE area, as I live at Knox. I wanna start calling people tomorrow for quotes before I call the insurers.
    I'd like to give the bike its 24,000 service as well, so it's kinda a bonus for them if they're happy to work things out for me.

    Guys, thanks for any help in advance, and sorry if I sound bleh... I guess I'm a bit shitty as I wasn't even looking for a reward for helping someone else out, but it's left me buggered. (But at least I still went for the damn ride!)
  2. Fixed under insurance, that'll end up waaaaaay over $500, especially since it's a Kawasaki.

    Or... You could ditch the namby-pamby plastics and make yourself one hell of a fighter!
  3. Bad luck, no good deed goes unpunished. :(
  4. Of all the ways you can damage a bike, having it slowly roll off its stand and crash to the ground, especially while you are watching, has to be the worst!

    Good on you for being a good samaritan anyway, and I'm with Loz, go with insurance. On my 11 year old Honda, the plastic shell that surrounds the instrument panel is over $300 by itself :shock:.
  5. Ahh the joys of being a good samaritan.

    I did something similar years ago up around near Lake Mountain.
    I came across a log lying in the middle of the road so I stopped to move the log. Same deal as the OP, slight downhill, I was too lazy to switch the bike off and wedge the thing in gear, as I've taken the first step to walk away, it rolled forward and started to topple over.
    I caught it in time and it didn't go over but it was hard work. A 220kg SP1 hurts when you've busted a gut trying to keep it vertical.
    That was the second time I'd caught it from toppling over, the first time was on the ferry going across the bay from Sorrento to Queenscliff. That one saw me unable to move for a few days after catching it.

    I feel for ya man, but yeah, it's going to cost a site load more to fix than $500. I'd go down the fighter path as Loz suggested.
  6. Thanks guys..
    Your kind thoughts have almost dissipated my bad mood! (Heck, I think I took it out on my girlfriend yesterday nite!! :( )

    Will call insurers today.
  7. You should have called me, I could of helped you out :LOL:
  8. LOL Vic, looks like I fell into that hole!
  9. grunge that sucks about your bike, especially seeing as this is the one you recently purchased off here yeah?? amazing looking bike...

    did the rider down see this happen?? you helped him out... maybe he should help you out somehow??

    anyway best of luck getting something sorted with it all
  10. I don't think that fair to the other rider. I sympathise with the OP but in the end its your responsibility for the way you park your bike. I've been there too and it sucks. :(
  11. From my experience (although it's a diff bike), the fairings will definitely be around $400+ (if it's a side fairing).

    Official Kwak mirrors are around $100..the foot peg on mine was in separate pieces so all up is was around...$30ish. Bar end will be around $25ish. Clutch lever's maybe about 40?

    If you're not looking to fix up the fairings, it'll be well under $500, otherwise yea..rest will not be cheap.
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  12. Yah... I hears the both of ya...
    to be honest, I did at some point think... "dammit maybe he should've offered to help me a little too..." but of course it's one of those things you think, along the lines of... "maybe I could just quit my day job, and be a pro-track rider..." =P

    You guys know what I mean...
    In any case, I've just riden it down to Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings, and they'll do the repair work via IMR, who I'm insured with.
  13. Front (top) fairing alone would probably be close to $500 - I remember a quote to replace the top fairing on my GPX250 was close to $400. It's a bigger bit of plastic but it's a farkin GPX!

    Get a copy of the quote from MMF just for the sake of curiosity!

    Sux to drop such a recent acquisition, though! Never trust a sidestand facing downhill, at least leave it in gear and wheel it forward until it hits the resistance from the motor.

    Ah well, lesson learned.
  14. +1 to grunge and Cj, my old man was TEC for a ride out in the Yarra Valley, Newb came off his bike, (Old bloke [50 odd, Ulysses ride]) and buggered his ribs and collarbone up nicely. Because he was a stunned mullet and in a fair chunk of pain, bloke wasn't moving, and dad had the bike roll off the same way. (Bloke was okay though, he's healed up and jumping back on the horse, he got a free helicopter rider out of it, too.)