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Little Desert Tyre Test (vic)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by endurotour, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. for a number of years i have tried to get to the Little Desert (Vic).. back in the days of 4wd cages, etc etc.. so the time was ripe and a great chance to test out the new road rear tyer Pireli Scorpian.
    Tue am, the bike is already sorted for the trip from the night before, so jump on and head of, NW via the Western Hwy, swing by to Bachus Marsh to find a mate not at work.. back on the road, up to Horsham, check in on getting a steering key lock changed, alas none in stock (no surprise).. a few photo tourist stops on the way and up to Bordertown SA, top up the food, fuel and water and check out the White Kangaroos.
    Back track to Serviceton, find the SA / VIC border track and head south.. starting to get a little less light in the air, so large smiles when i get to the gate and sign Little Desert NP. 'warning deep sand'.. ok off i go, continue south about 4kms, (45 min ride) further south and then take a random left turn and find a water hole, up with the tent and all done. (sub note PSP movies are cool when your solo in the tent)..
    wed morning, up, breaky and sun screen, oil the chain and look over the bike, everything still were it should be. head back to the main Border track, south again, after loads of dune type things get to the East west track, yup left turn. now i find the deep sand, not super deep, but with tents, pannier, parts, first aid, tools etc a little 250 needs a little more effort.. alas i realize my tyre gauge is with a mate being road tested (bachus marsh lad), so choose not to run low pressure. (fraser island went low and tore up the rear tube). 2hrs on, about 15kms along, two offs and im ready for a rest. set myself up to stop every 30 mins for water and check over the bike. another 1hr and at the end of the western block, up the tar to start point 2.. more sand.. more sand.. more offs... with plans to get to Halls Gap for the evening i forgo the rest of the eastern journey after a chat to the local Park Ranger, he was quite amused at my rear tyre option.. headed north back to tar, although about the same time as the east option i guess..
    Nhill Road house, awsome steak sandwich.. they feed the truckies. ncie old 110kph freeway down to horsham, and on to Halls gap, with a lot of twistys and photo ops. pub meal, (kiev), take away beers and off to find that not a lot of the place is open after the fires, no suprise, so ended up at a gat with the tent up and a small fire to enjoy the stars.. more psp and a sleep.
    This morning, up and off by 9, again the roads and curves treat me well, through to Warrnabool for the first coffee of the day. ..
    I had already decided to not stop to often on the GOR, and thus enjoyed a brill sunny, dry corner ride back to Melbourne.. Only one section of road works, and the GOR is awsome, lucky timing had me only follow two busses, although more holiday traffic (SUV's) than i would have liked.
    alas i sit here now and type this out from nwork, a little hot in the face fromthe sun and rather sore form the sand riding.. but large smiles..
    all up 1309kms, about 52lts of fuel, 4 beers, and lots of time riding with out being able to get sms.... ohh and the tyres are scuffed to the edge and worked well, although it might have been the sand!!

  2. Great write up endurotour

    So where are the pics??
  3. working on the photos, with luck only a day's delay... :grin:

    also, although I travel solo i always have a EPIRB on me at all times, in a my jacket or bum bag, good piece of mind..
  4. Great Pics :cool:

    Got a nicely set up TT there

    Is that the electric start?? I think I rode with one yesterday, all I knew was that it was a Yamaha 250.

    This pic taken by someone else who rode in with the Yammie on the Saturday