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Litre bike or middleweight?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MrData, May 31, 2016.

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    There are a couple of threads out there around this topic, but I don't think any cover this particular question; I am sure to be corrected if I'm wrong.

    For an all round super sports bike (commuting as well as weekend twisties) what's better in your opinion: a litre (plus) bike or something a little lighter weight? If you had a choice between a Panigale 1199 (S or R or whatever), S1000RR, R1 or Fireblade 1000 (leaving the Gixxer out as it's ugly as sin) or a Panigale 959 or Triumph 675, what would you take?

    I'm a relatively big fellow (6'2", 85ish kg). Personally, handling is more important than straight line speed. Fun (in a car I'd call it "chuckability") is also up there. Comfort is important as I do sit in traffic a bit. Not interested in cruisers, motards, etc. I have to admit I'm partial to the pure sex on wheels that are Panigales and the quirky, winking bimmers at the moment. The new R1 doesn't look as good as the previous, but boy does it apparently rate highly in terms of my requirements.

    I'm just into my restriction period, so this is academic for me to an extent... still interested in hearing your thoughts.

  2. I had a 675R. Great bike. But I'm 6'2" and weight just over 100kg. I was like an elephant on a beach ball.
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  3. Tuono ftw
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  4. 1000cc+ all day long mate. Extra torque means less gear changes and u don't have to be revving it out to get power out of it.
    If comfort is important to you then u should be looking at something different imho. Something like
    Bmw s1000r
    Kawasaki z1000 or ninja 1000
    Suzuki gsxs 1000.

    All these bikes will scare the crap out of a rider just off their restrictions
  5. Just get a S1000R.
    Comfy, flickable, heated grips and cruise!

    Oh and it goes like a scalded cat on steroids with a fire cracker up its arse!!
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  6. That is an interesting one... They do look luverly and sound like an angry angel.
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  7. A few in here, ask itchinitchin chilliman64chilliman64 and HotelWhiskyHotelWhisky just got one too . Fully Farking awesome imho
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    No doubt, though knowing myself and my reaction to the cars I've driven, the "great merciful crap this thing is scary" only lasts until the first couple of corners are past, then you start trying to get the brake, turn, gas, countersteer juuuuuuuuuuuuuust right.

    By "comfort" I meant limited to supersports territory. I do like to go fast, I just wonder if the 1hp / kg level of performance is worth the expenditure over something like a 959...

    OMG what am I saying? Litrebike FTW :D

    And it looks like it's winking at you, growling, "come on... jump on... I won't bite... too hard"
  9. Previous owner here too. Great bike and if you are just going to ride it on interesting roads on weekends it would be my pick!

    Add daily duties to the mix and for me its the S1000R though!
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  10. I test rode the S1000R and loved it.

    I test rode the Tuono V4 and fell in love with it.
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  11. What a lovely image :p I work with a French dude who rides a 675R. He's about the same height but weighs 72.farkall kg so for him it's perfect; he looked me up and down and said "You are too heavy for this bike yes" (cue typical French accent). I chose to take that as constructive advice rather than criticism :)
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  12. Yep, the Italian bike wins in the character stakes. I loved my Tuono more than any bike up to and since owning it and would have bought another except for the circumstances in which I had to say goodbye.
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  13. Care to share?

    I agree about the Italian forza aspect... Hence why I keep ignoring all the nasty things people say about the Panigale will invariably incinerate your privates on a day where the temperature exceeds about 12C... But they're so beautiful!

    Are Italian bikes still temperamental?
  14. Yep, happy to share but not in a public forum. Via PM, no problems!
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  15. No they're fine, as long as you have a 2300 piece tool kit for basic routine maintenance (I'm looking at you Ducati.....).
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    I've never considered MV Agustas... will need to look at that further. Thanks! :)

    Ah. So Ducatis are like a RUF CTR2 - high effort, high gain? Or are they just princesses?
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    How long have you been riding?

    edit, nevermind, I checked your first post and you are new to riding. I understand your excitement. But come back in 3 years and ask the question again.
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  18. Ahh .....somebody with sense!

    That F3 RC is the most beautiful bike I have ever seen.

    Also, don't forget the naked Brutale. In the real world in 99% of cases you can go just as fast as a super sport bike but in more comfort.
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  19. Of the bikes you mentioned, I'd be looking at the BMW and as others have said add the S1000R
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