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Litre bike fantasy weights

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Roarin, May 23, 2007.

  1. Just read the master bike write up in AMCN & had to have a bit of a giggle regarding the manufacturers advertised weight as opposed to the measured actual weight
    The GSXR 1000 is advertised as 172 kilos dry. Weighs in at 197kg -no fuel in the tank. WTF? Where did that extra 25 kilos come from? For the life of me I can't see 25 kilos of oil & brake fluid in a bike :shock: :shock:
    The 750 is slightly more realistic at 184 kg measured. Still waay different to the 2 or 3 kg difference as advertised (compared to the 1000)
    The ZX 10 & Fireblade come in at 192kg.
    So how do the manufacturers come up with their figures? What else are they bullsh!tting about?

  2. Jeez you're a dumb bastard, you forgot the air in the tyres!.... :wink:
  3. I wouldn't mind them using a term like 'dry weight' if I thought they all meant the same thing, but I suspect that they don't, (like horsepower figures). Maybe they should be forced to state the weight as with all lubricants, and fluids and 10 litres of petrol, or something.

    I know the dry weight of the Hornet is supposed to be 176kg (I think) but what does that mean in real terms?
  4. Dry weight.
    Google is your friend.
    No Fuel.
    No Oil. (even use a new, dry filter)
    No brake fluid.
    No clutch fluid.
    No Battery fluids.
    No air in tyres.
    Bike is "dried" in a curing room to remove all "moisture" content.

    Some will also quote figures less exhaust.

    Fcuking joke.
    the VFR claims a dry weight of @ 218kg. On the scales with a full tank of juice - 247kg.... :shock:
  5. Hey, she's just a big boned bike! :LOL:
    I'd like to weigh the GTR, feels heavier than 265kgs.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. The farkin bus feels like 300 til it's moving
  7. BMW and Ducati, I believe, have a reputation for being more honest with figures than the japanese... But look, it's all relative anyway innit?
  8. No fork/shock oil either.
  9. if you're going to buy a bike (or favour one bike over another) based on specifications like dry weight, then is it going to make even the slightest difference to you what the actual weight is?
  10. Hahaha -I'm beginning to wonder if the problem is the manufacturers telling porkies or more a reflection on the type of person that buys them :?
  11. Bingo negro.
  12. Its a joke, no fluid in anything, fork oil nothing, even take the air out of the tyres, and then stick the bike in a drying chamber for a couple of days to make sure every little bit of moisture that may be trapped anywhere evapourates.
  13. Even worse when articles then go comparing the power/weight ratio of a bike (minus fluids, rider etc.) to that of a car (which uses kerb weight).
  14. Couple of magazines tried to tackle this by weighing all their test bikes on the same scales, full of fuel and fluids. The distributors responded by strictly controlling the access the testers had to the bikes to prevent them from getting to the scales (in some cases).
    In others, the publishers were just plain lazy and published the figures the manufacturers gave them. There is a lot of pressure from the companies on the mags to play ball, for "the good of the industry"!
    (withholding advertising, test bikes etc.)
    Still, it would be nice if all the manufacturers agreed to publish wet weights only. Stop a whole lot of bullsh!t.
  15. BMW are often quoted as being conservative infact, at least I know that is the case for their cars.
  16. Personally I think the two important weights are fully loaded without fuel and fully loaded with fuel. fully loaded equalling all oils. Neither weight should carry optional extras.