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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by chank, May 31, 2012.

  1. Hiya. Long time listener, first time caller;

    I purchased this k7 about 2 weeks ago, coming from a Kawa er-6nL. (i'm not a learner, but owned a learner bike)

    A couple of weeks ago i rode a friend's gixxer, and instantly decided that i wanted to own one! I had an er6nL which i bought about 6 months ago, it was ok at the time but as soon as i got on the GSXR i decided that i loved the geometry and power of supersports and it was for me.

    The ER6 went on bikesales that night, and i took a deposit the next day. From there i started searching high and low for a gsxr1000 in the condish, and with the mods i wanted. The search began for a k7/8 in blue, with all the regular gear (oggys, levers, tail tidy, exhaust, double bubble) but ended up falling for a black one (that had all the gear). I didnt like black to start but after seeing it in the flesh and riding it, i was swayed.

    The first week it's been an absolute dream to ride and own. It does everything right, and there's no sign of the bad back issues that everyone seems to whinge about after riding a super sport for an hour +.
    After the first week there have been some minor issues arise around #3 injector being a little temperamental, which had taken me off the road for a week. Although heartbreaking, there appears to be a solution in the midst.

    please excuse instagram gheyness




    Totally in love with this thing, feels like i'm aching every minute i'm not riding it

    See you out there =D>
  2. good thread would read again
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  3. tell me 'bout it. You mad? Or just mirin?
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  4. OP's post fell foul of the auto spam modding and became unapproved. All fixed now. Please enjoy.
  5. Lulz na I'm jelly. Worstthreadbyfar /10..... NOMSAYIN' ? ¦]

    Cool gixxer now that thread is fixed BTW, love those Yoshi pipes!
  6. what happened to the post to start with?

    thanks wild! it's just a single but makes a big wracket. i usually dont leave 2nd gear unless it's on the freeway
  7. Lol yeah I know the feeling, I bearly get out of third gear on the R1.....ever! What the hell are fourth, fifth and sixth on litre bikes on the street for?? :p
  8. Nice wheels man.
  9. only just found out after 4 weeks that it has a 6th gear which is totally useless to me.

    In the mean time, i rode a k7 gsxr-600 and am pretty glad a i bought a thou. The torque is worth the extra coin no doubt.

    I've heard friends tell me that a litre bike was too much for them, but a 600 didnt scare me enough to make me think i'd made a bad choice in buying a thou. I'm really looking to be pushed past my comfort zone. The 1000 puts me in my place and makes me humble about my skills.

    I've had the bike lift on me a few times and it has definitely shook my perception of 'what's needed' to play in the 1000 league. A few times, i thought i'd hit someone's steep driveway at 100, and all i could see was tank, and could do nothing but to close the throttle and dissect what had just happened.

    Lots of people will tell you that you're stupid for buying a thou if you're under 40 years old, but realistically - if you can appreciate what's available on your right wrist you will be OK.

    As a 26 year old and in my own situation, if i had bought the same bike 4 years ago you'd be reading about me in the obituary.

    ride safe friends