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Lit Motors

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ibast, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. If it does what it's claimed to be able to do, so would I. Sadly the history of innovative vehicles is littered with an awful lot of ambitious claims and little in the way of solid achievement so I'll be waiting a while before I get too excited.

    However, I see the basic principle as being sound.
  2. Yes he does seem to be making claims that are beyond the current limits of battery powered vehicles.
  3. Have they pre-sold any yet? They've been getting media for about 3 years now.
  4. You can put down a deposit via their website. I wonder how many they've taken?

    The prototype looks more mature, but still seems to have the turning circle of a battleship.
  5. The trouble with stuff like this is that a lot (often all) the early press material is geared towards prising money out of investors. As a result it's a sales pitch. How many truly honest/accurate sales pitches have you heard?

    Consequently what might start out as a good, promising idea chokes on its own marketing bullshit when it fails to immediately live up to vastly inflated expectations. A similar mechanism is at work in the field of diesel engines for light aircraft, something I'm also interested in. Several firms promising their concepts are almost ready to revolutionise light aviation. Nearly there, honestly. They tend to go very quiet when asked how many flight test hours their prototypes have logged so far :D.
  6. Well, the prototype seems to work. I've yet to see a video of a functional prototype hit by a car (I think there was a proof of concept one hit by a large mass which I haven't found since), but I can understand they would be unwilling to drop the dollars into destroying one for a minute video. Part of me thinks they are about 5 years early, though EV certainly seems to be rising and becoming accepted in LA and the bay area.
  7. I like that, I think.
  8. I'm a bit "I think" as well. That prototype didn't look very much like something that would hit 100+km/h... still, I'm reserving judgement.
  9. A bit cheeky of them to even call it a C-1.

    Anyone else remember the BMW C1?

    Last I heard was that BMW were playing with their C1 scooter with electric motor and batteries.
  10. I'd be much more interested if they were playing with putting an engine with some balls in it. A C1 type commuter with one of their max-scoot powertrains would be a handy device.
  11. Even just a modernisation of the 200cc four stroke, with a wee turbo, could be quite interesting.