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Listening to the Radio....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    I have a UHF radio in my vehicle that is currently set to listen to a number of police radios - very entertaining stuff. Keeps me sane for the 3 hour daily commute between office and home. Dont worry, it is not illegal to listen.

    But, what I do hear alot about is road rage and this morning there was an interesting scenario between a Doctor and a motorcyclist. Road Rage. Bike Licensed xxxxx - police are looking for you.

    So, this leads me to something of interest. When we ride, we ride in "survival mode" and when we have a near miss, we get kind of upset about it - agression is sometimes the response. For instance, car pulls infront of you and you somehow manage to get around the car and live to ride another day. Car driver, after almost killing you, abuses you and gives you the bird for their mistake. So, what do we do, we get angry. We confront the driver, have a few words and maybe hit their wondow or door, etc.... Given this type of situaton, is the rage not justifiable? First we are almost killed and then we are verbally and emotionally abused by someone that was at fault. As such, is that not a justifiable and equivalent response?

    If someone attacks us with a knife and we defend ourselves and accidently cause this person to die in the process of self defence - this is then self defence and no charges laid. So, are we not talking about the same thing? Yes, this is an extreme case, but, is our rage that did not harm the person causing said rage then not justifiable?

    Just thinking out load.
  2. Re: Listening to the Radio.... !!!!!!!!

    No, it's not justifiable. It IS understandable, however.

    When you're attacked, you have the right to defend yourself, to prevent any injuries or further injuries occuring to you.

    When the danger is eliminated, then any further action on your part is merely aggression. eg; attacker flees. You chase after him and stab him in the back or whatever. He dies. You're in more shit than a Werribee duck. Same on a bike. You take whatever action necessary to avoid being run over. After the danger has passed, smashing the other guy's mirrors is an aggressive act (and wilful damage), and hence, not justifiable in the eyes of the law.

    As for the bike and doctor scenario, do you have any more info (and no, publishing the bike's rego number isn't a really good idea)?
  3. those 2 situations are a bit different, the driver that didnt see you is an accident but the guy attacking you with a knife is deliberate.

    I wouldnt be going off at someone for making an accident, but would tell them to look/not do it again...

    if they were an arrogant prick and abuse's you for there mistake, then i think a limited amount of rage is understandable.
  4. 3hr daily commute?, dude you are wasting years from your life, 8 hrs of work & 3hrs of commute every day 5days a week and i'd be in perma-rage mode.
  5. Mitch, you'd have loved the story out of Sydney yesterday where two motorists had a road-rage incident on the M5 motorway, and one chased the other (still in their cars, of course) through an open gate onto the runway at Kingsford Smith Airport!!

    BOTH of them are now being charged with a lot more serious matters than some traffic rage :LOL:
  6. Hey Mjt57.

    The doctor scenario was simple. Doctor screwed up and almost takes bike out. Proceeds to abuse the rider (for his own mistake) ider responds by approaching said doctor offering explicit terms and results in rider hitting side window. No damage.

    Police were informed by said doctor of road-rage incident but doctor does not want to be interviewed. but, police were very prompt to "call all cars" for the bike. Seems slightly backward does it not?

    license plate removed
  7. Re: Listening to the Radio.... !!!!!!!!

    Hold up a second...
    I don't think Skiffy is talking about hunting down the purpatrator. just about giving them a bit of lip to bring to there attention the fact that they had put your life in danger.

    If the moron in question is sufficiently obnoxios that they are willing to give you the bird or other similar behavior then something has to be done to bring them around or they simply remain a danger on the road.

    So do you call the cops. In theory this is the best solution, but then it gets down to your word against theres because most people on the road are so wound up in there own affairs that they wouldn't realise something happened let alone be willing to stand up and testify to the fact (If you could even find a witness in the flow of traffic)

    So do you just take it on the cheek? And wait for the moron to take the life of someone who is not so lucky or aware?

    I have had polite words with motorists before when I have been on both the Motorcycle and the Bycicle, and had them both show interest and concern at there actions, and due to our conversation they have learnt i have also had people put my life at risk then give me the bird or other similar behavior. They definetly get a few words of appreciation from me (Not repeatable in polite company)

    Is a bit of abuse of these poeple justifyable.
    I Say Yes, but be carfull how far you take it, because if it gets violent then you have overstepped the mark.
  8. Hey Falcon,

    Excellent analysis.

    The real aspect here is trying to enjoy riding but to also survive long enough to reach the destination.

    If it is an accident and the driver/rider/person is appologetic, I am the first to give them a polite wave and an "I understand" look. Hey, accidents happen

    Accident with attitude
    But, when the driver/rider/person offers the bird and verbally abuses me as a result of their inability to look for me, as a rider, then I behave a little differently. Yes, there are boundries. but, there are also moral obligations on our behalf - education. People of this type should not be on the road as they exhibit the first signs of road rage.

    I guess in short, it is responding like with like. Attitude for attitude, etc etc
  9. I recall one incident
    Back in 2000, I was riding through Williams town at about 40km/h and a driver literally turned right infront of me when I was 10m away. Well, stoppie led to hitting the car and bouncing my self over the bonnet onto the road. Clearly, the driver did not even look for me and was more focused on ...."Ah, look, parking spot"./....

    gathered to my feet, nothing broken. Person slides car into space and comes flying out of his car with the attitude of what the hell have you done to my car. Lets just say as I stomped toward him, eyes ablaze, removing gloves and yelling loving terms that reflected the re-arranging of his furniture.. This person began walking backward and commenced crying.... Yes, crying. Low and behold, from anger to tears which led to myself being deflated and feeling guilty for making this big guy start crying.... maybe I should not have threatened to eliminate his entire family tree.... :LOL: hey, I was upset.

    So, the night ended with many witnesses running to see if I was OK and my trying to comfort the driver..... :? :shock: :LOL:
  10. Often these situations will have other drivers watching, happy they did not cause the incident, but all to quick to assume it is wrong for the rider to react..
    my experiance, twice on push bike in bike lanes hit by cars, both times bike written off, both had 2 up in the car (driver and witness) and police told me i was lucky A to be alive B not to have to pay for the under car damage by my bike :(
    Same applied when hit in the head by a cage driver (BMW) trying to impress the girl friend, claimed i should not be on the road as an L plater, said he was a rider as well, he was sad as i was not about to brake heavy to allow him to come in from the left ohh and he was behind me..ended up in Cass getting necked checked etc..police again told me his witness allowed him to walk..
    These days i just give a slow wave of winding the window down, then advise them 'I am happy they did not kill me, please try not to attempt to kill me next time' I try to be as friendly and to the point as i can, alas i get to pratice this a lot, always looking for a better road to use to avoid the poor drivers, like the school zones during pick up and drop off :shock:
  11. I had one c*** deliberately swerve at me in his monstrous 4WD yesterday.

    There's a small rounabout near here, and when using it, I take the left-hand lane to make the right-hand turn (it's legal) before both lanes merge.

    4WD goes through, and is ahead of me when a second lane becomes available and he moves over.

    As I was coming up to overtake (big machine had no acceleration), he sees me in the side mirror, and pulls halfway into my lane, laughing all the while.

    I just gunned it out of there, but looking back, I wish I'd had a f***ing crowbar to rearrange the m*****f***ers face. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. Funny you had an accident in Williamstown...this morning I was riding happily along on my new (to me) shiny yellow sv650 - now I tend to ride along this particular road with reservations as cars tend to pull out of side streets without looking....

    Well, lucky for me that I did, a car came to junction - did nano stop - while I was saying in my head..."please stop please stop please stop" - well he didnt - he pulled out in front of me - saw me - and then rammed on his brakes...I managed to stop *phew* brakes on new bike work well...where he sat in shock saying "Oh My God I'm so sorry, I just didnt see you"....(repeat often)...once I opened my mouth and said "You're ok...just dont pull out before you've checked properly" and he realised I was a girl - he got even more apologetic...

    There was no accident, but a very close call...
  13. Re: Listening to the Radio.... !!!!!!!!

    It read like he was.

    He compared this "rage" incident to being attacked and the victim defending him/herself.

    The analogy is that the victim takes evasive action to avoid being hit/fights off attacker. Abusing the errant driver and bashing his car is the same as chasing after the attacker if he's running away or stops attacking.

    Or it simply reinforces the moron's attitude towards motorcyclists if you do inflict damage on its car or the moron itself.

    Hey, I'm not against telling an errant driver, or even rider that his/her stupid actions have caused me to age 50 years in an instant. For example, on Sunday we were riding home on Sth Gippy Highway heading towards Loch and Korumburra. A group of riders came the other way heading towards the Bass Highway. A few of them passed some cars on double lines. However, one of them decides to do this as I'm approaching. It forced to me veer to the left. In response I gave the twirling motion next to my head to indicate that I thought that what he just did was a tad crazy. I dunno if he saw it or not, though. That was the extent of my "road rage".

    Anyway, I'm most curious as to how Skuffy got all this detail from listening to the police radio. For example, why would the "doctor" admit liability and abusing the rider to the police? And why would this detail be broadcast, anyway? Wouldn't they merely say, "calling all cars, calling all cars, be on the lookout for a black motorcycle, reg xx-xxx. The rider is wanted in relation to a road rage incident." or whatever it is that they say on police radio. Anyway, Skuffy, don't you get any decent radio stations where you commute?
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Hey Mjt57

    The call out was quite detailed. When the officers discovered that the doctor did not want to be interviewed there was a conversation following pertaining to the incident. This was enough for both the officers and the operator to come to a conclusion - their conclusion.