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listening to music whilst riding.....??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sydneybiker, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. just got a new ipod and have debated the whole issue of listening to it whilst riding....( reason i got a new ipod is the old one fell of my belt onto the road and was driven over by a truck behind me ).

    what are people's thoughts on listening to music whilst riding? detracts from your concentration whilst riding? add's a little something to your ride?

    whats the difference between listening to music in a car vs a bike?

    I am not sure i wish to risk another ipod to the road?

    your thoughts?
  2. There is another thread around here somewhere about this I think...

    Anwyay, I'm not a huge fan of music on the bike. Nothing is sweeter than hearing the scream of the engine and the response to your throttle input, and the wind rushing over your helmet.

    However, on longer rides I think the music could save your sanity a bit. Having done both, I know that I ride better and safer without music though, as I can concentrate on things better (eg hearing cars as they approach even from your blindspot)

  3. I've got a 40 buck 256meg player and It's really really small and it's got a lanyard to hang it off. So I say yes to music on the road. :D Some guys wear earplugs. So why not
  4. up to you i guess. personally, i feel a lot more "one with the bike" if i can hear every little thing thats going on. and yeah, you dont have to worry about yourself as much in a car cos you've got a bunch of steel surrounding you, so you can get away with a lower concentration level.

    that said, i'm sure a bit of music would be good on a nice 500km+ ride, theres only so many times you can sing "ive got a luverly bunch of coconuts" in your helmet before it gets a bit old :LOL:
  5. Hmm.... got me thinking as to whether I could use my MP3 enabled phone with radio, with a set of handsfree style headphones AND also manage to make a call while on the bike :p Not that I quite think I'm up to the task yet, but has anyone tried using a handsfree set whilst riding with the mic in the helmet?? I'm guessing it would be too loud..?
  6. That is true. You're probably one of the only people here who would know how to sing it too. I remember bits of it. It's an old Music Hall song, isn't it? I guess if you're not going to use an mp3 player, you have to have a good repetoire of songs, eh?
  7. i've got a cheap(ish) 256MB player that i stick in my pocket. i'm a fan of choons however have found since having the VTR that for city riding i prefer not to use my mp3 player due to the lack of a tacho - i like to hear the revs...

    however IMO nothing beats cruising the freeway sitting on 100km/h+ with mad bass cranking... if my bike had a tach i'd be listening to music all the time ;)
  8. Take it for me "Bat out of hell" is not a good song to play on your walkman as you blast up the Reefton.

    I used to use my walkman with a tape when I was touring but now there is nothin more sweeter than the tunes my ST4 plays for me everytime I ride. Just awesome.

  9. Yup, I've got msic on whenever I'm doing more than say 30 mins of riding. It's not that loud do I can hear the bike as well. Not that I need to, I can feel the revs by vibration.
  10. I think listening to music is a fooking stupis idea. What about riding with one eye closed, or with one hand behind your back? Not to mention the distraction. I rely heavily on my ears, aswell as all my other senses when I ride. Its like earplugs. I never use them in traffic, only on long distance or a hills blast.
  11. Stupid because you say so ?How can you tell way up there on your high horse . Been listening to music on bikes for many , many years without a problem . Once i hit the twisties tho i turn it off . I still hear Rhonda but not much i can do about that :shock: .
  12. I use a minidisk player on long rides (like the Nullabor)

    A tip. It's not a good idea to put an MP3 player on shuffle if one of the songs is "Alice's Restaurant"
  13. I've made a call on my bike once. That was bloody ridiculous. I have a speakerphone capability on my phone. I put the phone inside my helmet, on speakerphone and just spoke. Bloody thing rattled around though, so it wasn't awfully comfortable.

    As for music, the bike sounds sweet enough :)
  14. Concentration

    I have thought about trying music while riding, because it's such good fun while driving! I just went through about 16 CDs on my trip to Moree/Tamworth over the last few days in the car. Everything from Handel's Messiah to Joan Baez, and tons of country stuff from people I've never heard of, given to me by a dear friend who runs a country programme on a Sydney FM station.
    I just don't THINK it would be the same on the bike. Driving is a "getting from here to there" proposition, whereas with riding, getting there is what the fun is all about, and I suspect that listening to music while you ride might be a bit like making a mobile call while you drive. I have a Bluetooth kit for my phone, so I can operate it hands-free, but I STILL find it very distracting, though legal, to make and receive calls while driving. I'd be worried too, that some music might have good or bad effects on your mood, and therefore possibly your riding.
  15. let me guess......

    ......you know "Alice's Restaurant" off by heart too, eh???? Don't you just love it, and the songs on the other side of the album are great too.
    I had a mate in the army years ago and he and a buddy drove from Brisbane to Adelaide with an 8-track player in the car, and only one cassette, of Joan Baez. He's never listened to her since! (I LOVE Joan Baez, but too much of a good thing can be had!!)
  16. I don't bother with tunes even on the long trips. Ear plugs evey time. I like the relative silence, and I can still hear my bike and the cars around me. It's still possible to hear other people on bikes that stop for a chat.

    Lil posted a good article regarding hearing loss on a bike (don't know where the link is) and a lot of it is due to wind noise. If you're playing music, theoretically has to be at a volume greater than the wind noise and therefore potentially damaging to the hearing.

    However, not ciritcising, each to his own, if you want to play music then go for it, can't be as damaging as the Ricer boys with there 50 gazillion watt doof doof bass thumpers...:LOL:
  17. Love that sig, nodz!
  18. On a trip from Wollongong to Canberra and back MANY years ago, the mate's car had only 3 8 track cartridges (most of you are too young to remember them, the BETA tapes of the car music wars)

    One was Sounds of Silence by S&G
    One was the Broadway cast album of HAIR
    And one was Janis Joplin

    Since I point-blank refused to lsiten to JJ (even though it wasn't my car), we listened to the other 2 all the way there and back. Hair I could take or leave but it didn't spoil my love of S&G at all.
  19. I generally listen to music while riding. Have a MP3 Player and the Sony in Ear Headphones.

  20. Unfortunately RC I do remember them in the old mans car when I was a boy. Everywhere we went we would listen the Shadows, Neil Diamond or the big "O"