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Listening to music while you ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Krollinator, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. I was at a ride meet the other day and I was utterly surprised at how many riders listen to music while they ride... I didn't think it would be safe to do?

    Is there any major disadvantages to listening to music while you ride? And do many of you do it?
  2. Search button mate. Or now, just all the threads below the line.
  3. I tried searching for "music" and "music while riding" before I posted... Got any other tips? Or links to threads?

    I don't get it.
  4. Oh, I see.. ALL GOOD! You mean the ones like, down the bottom? Cheers mate. :p
  5. listening to music while riding is no less safe than listening to music while driving.
    i listen to music while riding just about every single day. sure i turn it off when i need more concentration through twisties, but that's less than 5% total ride time

    anything longer than a ride to coles 2km away and i wear either in-ear headphones or earplugs if i forgot to charge my ipod
  6. i know why they listen to music when they ride ,its because the sound of there bikes give them the shits ,the constant scream of a hi reving jap bike ,,i hate the sound they make ,i dont know how they can handle the sound,they buy after market mufflers and they sound worse .... thats why they listen to music
  7. haha!

    why on earth would you listen to music! the bike makes it's own music!!! and it's not the same as driving a car with music because its not blocking out everything around you. On a bike, you shouldn't be limiting your senses especially on the road with all the idiots!!!!
  8. If you are using the ear canal headphones, it blocks a lot of wind noise. You can still hear bike and exhaust though it is dulled.You can still here tyre noise of cars next to you.
    Christrails, very little of hearing has anything to do with riding. If you haven't tried it, go out and do it now, ride along a main road under the speed limit and let cars overtake you. See how close they come before you can hear them. If you are relying on your ears to survive when riding I must ask why you're riding with your eyes closed.
  9. I'm not saying that it's bad, but shouldn't you use every sense to your advantage? Everyone does head checks and mirror checks obvs though. I don't ride on the road yet, only dirt but I am going to sumo my wr
  10. If you go out on road with no hearing protection you will eventually suffer permanent hearing loss. Wind noise is just too loud.
  11. I listen to music occasionally. And it's always at a reduced volume level like something in the background. On longer rides, it's good and when the playlist finishes, the earphones act like ear plugs. :D
  12. Thats the biggest load of crap ive heard,why dont you try texting you can have the phone strapped to youre arm and have a portable chino maker mounted on the back,when you stop.
  13. You talkin' to me???
  14. i have earmold ear canal earplugs for win but I also listen to music on long freeway rides / longer rides
  15. Been done to death this topic, but I'll give my 2c here regardless.
    I've ridden MANY times with various Scandinavian metal playing in my ear. Keeps me entertained on longer solo rides, and doesn't impede on my riding at all. I rely on my visual senses anyway.....like any rider should, but keep the volume at a reasonable level so I can still hear things around me...
  16. Have a look at ANY pro after a race, earphones no, earplugs yes!
    TRY EARPLUGS! every body should try them a few times (takes a few rides to get used to them) My opinion may not matter, but the pros know what is up!

    I am a music lover, with 1000's$$$ in hifi equipment and CD's, but listening while riding is not for me. I find that to hear the music over wind/engine, you must turn it up so loud that it is dangerous (to your ears)

    If you are set on the idea don't use regular earplugs, get some sport earplugs (with the ear hooks) or ear buds (go in the ear like plugs)

    but everyone should try earplugs!!!!!
  17. Ear buds 100%, always wear em and always have JJJ going if I'm riding longer than 20 mins
  18. For the commute earphones = No
    For a weekend ride or a distance ride earphones = Yes

    That said.....I have a volume control on my cable - if/when I get into heavy traffic I make the music barely audible so I can hear cages trying to kill me......
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  19. i ride with ear plugs too all the time.

    tried one of those in-ear earphones before and they cannot compare to ear plugs in terms of noise attenuation. That was with music off.
    they seem to do well when the helmet is off, but somehow when the helmet is on and with the wind noise, they don't work as well.
    with music on, if you turn it up loud, it overpowers the wind noise.
    but just because you don't hear the wind noise doesn't mean your hearing is protected.

    wouldn't mind using ear plugs with in-helmet style speakers... worth a try.
    For long freeway journeys, i usually just depend on day dreaming, self-reflection and talking to myself. :(
  20. If your immediate attention is not 100% on riding, you are compromised
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