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listening to music while riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by halifax, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. hi all looking for suggestions on how to play music through my helmet.

    Went on a rather long ride last weekend which involved travelling via highway to the meeting place (a boring part). I thought to make the time go past i'd hook my ipod up, but the headphones dont fit in my ears due to my helmet being so tight.

    Does this happen to anyone else? How have you got around it?

  2. Your helmet must be very tight if you can't fit some of the small ear pieces into it. Have a look around there a numerous types of earphones. Some are small enough to fit inside your ear.

    Enjoy the ride without the music, get louder pipes.

    The next option is to get another helmet. I use standard Sony plugs in mine, no problems.
  3. +1.

    The bud style earphones should be fine. Your helmet would have to be very bloody snug for them to be a problem.
  4. go the seinnheiser buds, small, seals well in the ear, i only use them on open freeways, not traffic or twisties
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  6. just invest in some inner canal type headphones where only the wire sticks outwards, i did and can use my phone and it's music list for long boring journeys, it even has a controller on my shoulder for switching songs or muting if i want to talk or hear around me when it gets busier on the road
  7. +1 for inner canal ones, mine go in every time i go out on the bike.. I dont always have the music playing, they act as ear plugs, or speakers if i want music.

    Ive had cheap ones (like $25 ones) that last about 3 to 5 months then i moved up to some $50 sony ones (cant remember name) thay have lasted me about a year.

    W@nk3r are gonna tell you your muffler is the music, phfft! load of shit, and its legal for sure in VIC (as far as the 5 or 6 cops I've asked, all say if your not playing with the controls while on the move its legal, same as a hands free for a phone)

    P.s search for this its been covered a few times, you might find more info.
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    These things are fcuking brilliant! $80 but they are damn good. I never go riding without them. They are permanently affixed to my jacket. Best investment i ever made....
  9. It takes a little bit of car to get your helmet over your head while leaving your I Pod earphones in your ears. I have found that if I slide my helmet on using the straps pulled out and pulling it slightly forward as you slide it on.
    (This works for me anyway, my helmet is reasonally snug).
  10. cheers for the responses all

    to those that commented on my helmet being snug yes it is but not to an uncomfortable level, same goes for wearing sunnies whilst riding... it just doesnt happen for me it's to uncomfy.

    i'll look on ebay to see what style headphones i can get!
  11. ipod headphones work fine for me

    im ususally the crazy guy bopping my head on thurs mystery rides as i love putting on a good set of tunes n going out riding haha
  12. I use a Cardo Bt300 bluetooth helmet kit to my Nokia N85 phone - awesome sound, no wires, and phone access to boot :)

    I don't use it on group rides and I don't use it in twisties. In congested city traffic with bugger all movement it actually seems to keep me focused - but then I'm the sort that has 4 or 5 things running through their head at any given time :)
  13. I find music in my helmet tends to block out the voices in my head........ :blah: :blah: :blah:
  14. x 3

    Love them.

    Paid something like $28 inc shipping from ebay.
  15. My helmet is quite snug too. I found a standard pair of inner-ear buds would get pulled out when I put the helmet on :(
    Then I bought a pair of Philips inner-ear buds that also hook over your ear; and they are a lot easier to keep secure when sticking the lid on.

    Sennheiser are a decent brand, a friend of mine informs me that once you've tried a pair of Shure headphones - Sennheisers will sound like tiny Milo tins with string attached, by comparison.

    I'm too scared to try them.

    Lest I'm spoilt and resigned to buying $480 pairs of ear-phones for the rest of my life :(
  16. Removal of one of the more important senses for riding, and a source of distraction. No thanks.
  17. IMO there aren't many better things than hitting a set of twisties with the right flavour music going on. I wouldn't if with other people, but when I'm just out by myself it's great :grin:
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  19. got some of these also but yes they are a f#%ken rort. i find i rarely use them but if its a long freeway stint or a dull day of transport only i will. makes peak hour go quicker also.
    i fing myself listening to the radio mainly