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Listening to music while riding

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by doonx, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Who here likes to have some tunes when they're riding ?

    I do. I have a little mp3 player that stores about 60 tracks with the standard little ear pieces. Around town I use my mobile phone and listen to the radio. The phone has slightly more volume than the mp3 player and the ear pieces are slightly more comfortable that the mp3player.

    My biggest problem is not having immediate control over volume. Sometimes I'd like to turn it right down as opposed to digging the phone or player out of my jacket pocket, or taking my helmet off.

    What do you use, and what would you recommend as good fitting comfortable ear pieces for listen to tunes ?
  2. i tried to do this but found that i had to have the music up so loud to hear it over the pipes and wind noise and i would have ended up doing damage to my ears. would be very nice to get something that works without hearing loss
  3. I used SONY MDREX71SL - the ear bud goes right into your ear. It has 3 sizes (comes with package) which fits most people. Cost about $75.

    They're pretty good - it blocks alot of wind noise but you can hear the traffic. Music is good too. I don't have to turn the volume any louder when I'm on
    the bike than when I'm walking around the city.

  4. Jo - is the SONY MDREX71SL a music player, radio or just ear plugs ?
  5. Another vote for the Sony 71's (used to be called Fonotopia's AFAIK).
    Ive got the black 71's that i brought back from the UK, picked them up for about $55AU in a BIIIG post christmas sale.

    I usually bump the volume up to about the same as i do whilst listening to it on a train; which isnt much given the moderate isolation these things provide.

    The only competition that doesnt cost the earth (Ety's :roll: ) are the Koss 'Plugs'. These are a slightly smaller driver to the Sony's, but are commonly modified into some high density foam ear plugs. I saw them at Myer the other day for about $50.

    edit: The 71's are just ear plugs. I use that term specifically as they plug your ear as opposed to just sitting on the outside of it.
  6. I use my sony md player, it has a remote which i clip on to my jacket so i can ajust the volume and ff tracks, I find that my ears hurt if i use it for to long though. Nothing like cutting it up through the hills with metalica blasting!

  7. It's ear plugs - same model with shorter lead MDREX71.
  8. thanks - I've found them online for $79.00, is this a decent price ? I have also got the specs for them but no mention of volume control, do they have their own volume control or is it still the controls on the music source ?

  9. Cost sounds about right for AUS. There is no volume controller on the headphone - use your MP3 player to set it.
  10. Riding home from work on the freeway last night I had a song in my head. Goes something like this, *ahem* - shut your fkn face uncle fkr....

    Probably best I don't "listen" to music while riding though.....
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    okaaaaaaaaaaay ............. <slowly backs away>
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