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Listening To Music While Riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FHNC, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Hey Peeps, Just a quick sorta question ive been told by many people that is is illegal to listen to music while riding is this a true fact? Or just bulls#%@ bec i love listening to music while riding but nothing really does beat the sound of ya bike just wanted some insight on this.

  2. Complete bullshit. Although if you doing track day you can't and well, severely ill advised!
  3. Been stopped twice by cops with em in, no dramas.
  4. It's not illegal but it can significantly reduce your ability to hear other vehicles.

    I only use earphones when I'm on a highway or long stretch at 100km/h or so to prevent insanity from the wind noise. It's handy to have earphones with a volume adjustment so you can reduce the volume in towns.
  5. Wait. what? I listen to music on the track, and I know a lovely lady that listens to dance music flat out and would give most of the guys out there a right spanking.
  6. Every time I've done a track day they've said no music, and as I said, in a competitive environment I'd like to know who is close by and hear my own engine levels etc.
  7. I tend to listen on trips but not on the commute, partly for safety reasons and partly just because the commute is short enough that one more thing to fiddle with doesn't seem worthwhile. I went for a ride for a couple of hours this arvo with the phones (noise isolating) in and the music (Eluveitie - Swiss folk metal) on. Enjoyed it, but I definitely felt more 'removed' from the world than normal. To some extent it felt as though I was playing a game rather than doing something real: fun, but don't forget the pain if you fall is all real!
  8. I use a bluetooth headset with open earphones so it doesnt block out outside noise. sure its not as nice as having a closed ear set but its probably safer
  9. Swiss folk metal??????
  10. listening to say.....michael bolton or danni minogue should be illegal.

    but it ain't illegal to listen to ipod or some other mp3 player whilst riding. as brauvus said, volume level should be moderated.
  11. what is that +1
  12. Yeah, but you can use any other mp3 player :p which is real strange.
  13. I used to ride with my phone connected but using the media player only. I put it on silent so that all calls and messages won't be heard while I ride. I only check when I get to my destination. Not sure why it would be illegal if you're listening to music. Not like you can talk with the mic hanging on your neck...person calling would get only wind noise.

    Also chrome...it doesn't say you can't use it to play music ;)

  14. Listen to music thru my iPhone all the time on any ride longer than 20 minutes. Either that or listen to the exhaust, I know which I'd prefer. Can still hear sirens, horns etc
  15. Folk Metal, must give it a go, I've been listing to Elvis Metal, Volbeat!
  16. Yeah, there are quite a few videos for Eluveitie on YouTube: check it oot!
  17. You'd have to have a pretty nasty cop to book you for that, and an even nastier magistrate that wouldn't agree that the intent of the legislation is to prevent physical interaction with your phone. The wording seems to point towards any physical interaction with the phone as well. I notice they don't in their examples use a phones in-built GPS function.

    My interpretation would be such that listening = ok, changing songs, pausing, changing volume = illegal. Much the same as GPS, getting directions = ok, inputting an address = illegal. Could be wrong, but that's just how I read it.
  18. I agree. That is how I read it. As long as you start and stop the music while parked (not just stopped), and don't touch the phone, you are allowed to listen to music from your mobile phone. I still think it is a bad idea for anyone learning to ride (learner, P platers), or anyone riding in traffic though. Just look at how stupid pedestrians can be when walking with an iPod in their ear.

    I occassionally listen to music on really boring roads where little concentration is required. But if I listen while riding twisties, I find that I unconsciously wait for the next beat before turning in, shifting down, whatever, so it mucks up my rhythm.