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List of good 250 road bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chunkz, May 26, 2006.

  1. gday fellas
    im looking at buying a 250 soon
    something road sporty like a ninja... (mmm ninja)

    any way, the bikes i have been keeping my eyes on in the market are

    Kawasaki zxr250
    Kawasaki zzr250
    Kawasaki gpx250
    Suzuki Across

    and yeh
    any suggestions on what to look for
    aiming for $3,000 for good condition
  2. i think ninja's go for a bit more than that (bit overpriced imo)

    ive ridden a zzr and gpx and there isn't much difference i quite liked them actually.
    go and take each for a ride and see which feels best
  3. Yeah all are pretty much the same thing.

    I like the orginal green of the ninja.

    good luck
  4. is there any bikes you guys can add to the list
    (thats what im after)
    Whysohung (Hyosung)

    oh, your budget is $3K, then you are limited to the cheap shit like the suzu.......the suz.....oh you know ;)

    Nah, grab whatever you can afford that is comfortable, at the end of the day its still going to be a 250.
  6. hey vic can you elaborate on them...
    ie make and model.. and year...

    cheers mate
  7. $3k is pushing things for a "sporty" bike in good condition.

    Spada (not faired and sporty looking, but a good learner bike)
    Across with scratches.

    Anything below 3 will sort of depend on your definition of good, and probably need new tyres, chain etc which will see you up another $500.
    Id sugest rising the budget to $4k if you are after a faired bike.

    Dont worry too much about choice of 250, theres not much between any of them, but theres a hell of a lot between a 250 and a 600 :grin:
  8. the bike i want wont be like a hobby enthusiast bike thing like alot of you would be after...

    lots of power, lots of fun .ect .ect
    im looking for a good bike to get me to uni...
  9. Check out the nakeds then. (means they dont have the sporty fairings)
    Quite a bit cheaper both to buy, insure, work on, and drop.

    And if your just after a comuter you might want to consider the little cruisers, Honda CB-250 (note no R's) and Yamaha XV-250 Virago.
    You will get a very good condition one of them for $3k.

    Honda Spada VT-250

    pictures of about every bike model

    some clasifieds sites for price and pics
  10. make model?
    sorry i dont know bikes that well
  11. I can add the CB-250F Hornet to this list...it just so happens mine is now for sale :)

    Great bike, CBR-250R motor detuned for a bit more midrange power in a naked bike chassis...is one of the bigger 250' s so if you a big bloke like me you don't look like a gorilla riding a pocketbike, sexy 180 rear tyre and awesome reliability

    It may well be worth considering...although as they are pretty rare they hold their value well...
  12. Don't forget the little bandit! You might be able to get one for a cheap price. 3k for a older one.

    Naked suzuki pretty much. Kinda sporty.

    Here is a picture of mine.

  13. if you like cruiser style V twins how about the Honda V25 Magna looks v nice, sounds v nice.

    i see you are in Lysterfield two places I know have these, A1 motorcycles in Ringwood & also Clipstone Yamaha bit further along the Marrondah highway but also in Ringwood.

    Happy bike hunting.... shez
  14. 250 Katana - it's a bandit but with a proper sports riding position, usually around the 3-4k mark if you can actually find one (no you can't have mine :p). Seriously if you want a list of 250cc bikes you might want to try having a look here - doesn't quite list everything, but comes pretty close.
  15. I have two 250 for sale (private sales)
    one is a yamaha virago xv250 25k's great condition, rego, the works for $2800 and the othere is my sons retro style susuki tu250x 24k's in the same condition for $2500 also with rego, carry racks etc.
    See bikes for sale in the toolbar on the upper left (in the classified section)
    I think you live in VIC so it probably leaves you out.
    I have moved onto a 750, but the 250's are great to start on, especially for commuting etc to uni.
    both the above bikes are east to ride, but as most people will tell you, all 250's are restricted at the top end.
    Just get a good reliable bike for your restricted period because you will want to move on.
    make sure you get a bike that will hold its value.
  16. theres not much range to choose from if your budget is 3k. you might have choose from an old gpx or zzr. i dont see you getting a cbr or zxr for that price. what kind of riding are you planning to do? if your planning to just get from A to B then gpx and zzr is fine esp if your new to the bike world.
    imho i think that the cbr are the easiest bike to ride because the are so nimble.

    good luck with ur search
  17. thanks for the replies guys

    yeh speed isnt a huge thing for me..
    only too the speed limit :wink:
    it will only be for a to b...
    and maybe couple of cruises with you guys....

    and fuel economy is good, i need good fuel economy
  18. yamaha fzr250? I sold mine a few months ago for 3 grand and it was in excellent condition. Used to get around 200km per 10l of fuel.
    Super fun bike - commuted on it, fanged it on the weekends and even did a couple of track days on it. Definitely cheaper than a cbr or zx2r for much the same thing.
  19. Buy my ZXR250

    1 owner

    9700km from new


  20. sell it to me for 3k :p