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List of available Track Days in Victoria

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VapourLock, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    Went looking for a list of upcoming Track Days that are available (in Victoria), and didn't find any "one list". Seems that each place that organises track days has their own list. (Ugh)

    So, I've made an initial attempt at pulling all the info I could find from various crowds onto one page:


    It has the info from Champions and Phillip Island Ride Days, covering Track Days for Phillip Island, Broadford, Winton, and Calder Park.

    Are there any other crowds organising Track Days that I'm missing?


    (EDIT: Moved the page to the Trackpedia site)
  2. It seems funny to me that someone who can spend so much effort on making a list as you have done, seems too lazy to look at two different websites to get the info when needed :?
    No offence intended, you've done a great job, and of course it is easier to look at them all on one list, but it's not like you have to troll the net all night to find the dates, there are only two providers.
  3. Heh, I didn't know there are only two providers. :)

    I thought the 2 I've found so far are just 2 of several, only because when I've asked others about them they talk about it like there are heaps of places.

    Well, now I know I guess, unless there does turn out to be more!
  4. There are more than 2 providers in Victoria, firstly Motorcycling Victoria Runs Days and also Winton I am told have track days each Friday. There maybe some others but naturally the two main providers are listed.
  5. Very nice thanks!
  6. Cool, I like it :)
  7. Yes they are, but Motorcycling victoria add practice days all the time and they are on the recorded message service.
  8. I believe they have a list in the free broadsheet CycleTorque available at many motorcycle shops.
    Also, once you've been to a ride day with a group you can be placed on their email, sms and snail mail lists and they notify you of upcoming events and discounts.
  9. Cool. :)

    Just updated the list with the days for Winton.

    There sure are more track days around than I originally thought, very much good news! :LOL:

    Also sounds like it's worth my contacting each group, asking them to add me to their mail-out list so I can keep things updated appropriately.

    Went looking in Cycle Torque for further dates, but didn't see any.

    However, it does mention a few other crowds that do ride days (Top Rider, Yamaha Tribe, HART), so I'll look into them too. :)
  10. Heh, just rang HART (spoke to Melissa).

    The Ride Days that they're advertising in Cycle Torque are really the two sessions of "Advanced Level" courses they're putting on. (people on restrictions can't do these)

    Not exactly Track Days methinks.
  11. Just added a track day at Broadford on 30th April that Wayne Vickers is running. :)

    People need to ring him directly on 0402 132 304 to book spots.
  12. Motor Cycle magazine has all the track days from different providers on the one page :wink:
  13. Page address? I went looking, but no luck. :(
  14. Last months issue page 105.
    eastern creek
    phillip island
    and circuit are there any others?
    I havent got this months issue yet.