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Lismore Training Centre

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ford Fairlane, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. So the eternal procratinator that i am is finally taking the plunge and heading off to do my pre learners while im on holidays at the end of this month..

    im heading towards byron bay (actually mullumbimby) so im wondering if any would recommend for or against the training centre at Lismore?

    Just thought id get this ball rolling but looking to see if anyone did their pre learners there

  2. i did my pre learners at lismore it was pretty easy and one of my mates failed at lismore and had to redo it at kingscliff and he said it was a lot easyer to do there
    on a side note 1. why would you go on a holiday to mullum 2. if you get your l's and you have a bike there a few good rides around and i'm more then happy to show you a few
  3. heya ratman!

    Reason i go to mullum is that my inlaws live there so the missus insists we go up there a couple of times year... Thats why im gonna do my l's stuff up there so i can fill trhe time it plus look at some bikes to buy. Any good dealerships for used bikes up there? looking at GS500f or similar. Love the offer of the rides, its beautiful country up there with lots of twisties. Lets see if i can buy a bike while im up there
  4. there is lismore motorcycles and gold coast suzuki i don't know if there have any good second handers in atm
  5. I did an intermediate course and the pre-provisional and skills test at Lismore (Wollongbar), felt really comfortable, passed the test first time and they did their best to deliver the dry theory bits of the course as interestingly as they could. It was a fun weekend.

    Indeed this is a beautiful part of the world to holiday (or live) and ride in.