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lisencing question?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by donaldo74, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. seeing as Im over 30 and have my gold licence and qualify to get my full licence once ive passed the MOST.

    Could i do the test on a mates auto scoot and still end up on fulls or will i be restricted to autos?

    Reason being my bikes an restricted Hyo GT650R and as ive been told is dificult to manovour on the cone and uturn tests.

    basicly im confident on my bike doing full lock uturns and all but I just want to make it as easy as posible. I dont want to fruck it because of nerves

    thanx :grin:

  2. Good question. I'd ring the rta, but I THINK you should be unrestricted when you're 30. But I'd ring them for sure. Then ring again and ask someone else (not joking) as they tend to give mixed answers. You can never really be sure with the rta, the answer changes depending on who you're talking to..

    Pathetic really when often its questions very important to your license..
  3. Do it with the hyo.
    I have a gpx250 and due to brake issues I hired one of their cb250s. I spent 80% of the day getting use to the bike.

    The only difficult test with the sportsbike is the cone weave and the uturn. Really the only hard part of that is the Uturn. If both wheels pass over the line its only 5 of your 8 allowable points. The other tests are easy, just remember to headcheck every time you move off. Each headcheck is 3 points....

    I say do the day with your hyo, you will most probably pass because you are comfortable with that bike. If you dont, its only another $40 for the test and to hire one of their bikes is $50ish (not 100%).
  4. an another note if for argument sake my hyo happened to have a loudish aftermarket exhaust fitted will they prevent me from useing my bike.
  5. I suggest not using the Hyo, the turning circle on full lock is barely enough to complete the U-turn inside the box. Habibi just did the MOST and during the morning practice he chose to use the tester's bike due to the poor turning circle. I spent a few hours practicing with him the day prior and it was near impossible and not due to lack of skill, my 'Bird can do it easier than the 650 Hyo.

    If you undertake your MOST on a scooter, you will have "A" endorsed on your license, that means auto trans only. You must pass the test on a manual bike if you don't want that endorsed.
  6. thanks Tweet
  7. Definatly hire one of there bikes. I have a CBR with similar turning issues to your bike. I hired a CB from them for $50 and those things turn on a dime. Best $50 I ever spent. Only problem was getting used to the bike. I only had 5 mins on it before the test started but it was an easy bike to ride.
  8. Do it on the Hyo! I had a guy in my group on a GT650 that wasn't very confident at all and still passed with ease.
    You get all day to practise so if you're confident already you'll be fine :)

    EDIT: If you can't do it on your own bike then it should just be a matter of practise cause the MOST test is pretty simple if you have good control of your bike. Also, they don't really care about how loud your exhaust is.
  9. GT650 or GT650R? :p
  10. on my most we had a guy with a gt650r and he failed. from where i was sitting it looked like he wasnt trying hard enough to change his u-turn technique. i'd put as possible and worth it to gain better control of your bike.

    but if time is important to you then just borrow a cb for the day.
  11. I started the MOST day on my 650R - the turning circle is hopeless. It's an absolute dog. Changed to one of their bikes - easy as pie. Spend the $60 (or whatever it is) and make your life easy. If you use the Hyo you will be on struggle street.

    I was able to take my bike out for the road ride, so that's an option if you want to take it.

    To pass the MOST you need to meet a minimum standard only - you don't get extra points for doing harder than you have to (although some here would say that you do... :roll: )
  12. i dont understand? you've been TOLD its hard to maneuver? its your bike, you should be able to control it, if you cant get through some cones on it, how are you going to avoid that pothole on the street or wateva random crap may jump up when your on your own bike?

    keep your eyes up, and you'll be right :)

    but even if you do fail, its all good, im sure they will give you pointers and you will learn from it and come back and pass, and no one will think any less of you.
  13. LOL yeah the GT650R :LOL:

    +1 jd2710
  14. arghh fcukit Im gunna do it on the hyo :roll: