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Liquid gasket / gasket goo

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kit, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Might seem like a bit of a "duhhh" question, but please bear with me.

    I'm looking to check and adjust valve clearances on the Spada, however I noticed that the previous owner has used gasket goo to seal up the rocker cover gasket. A bit of searching had told me that the rocker cover gasket on Spadas tends to leak a bit, which I suppose would make sense for a bike almost 20 years old. Either way, everything seems to point to me needing some sort of liquid gasket to complete the job.

    I'm confident enough to tackle the job, having done all of the work on the bike so far, however I've got no idea what kind of liquid gasket to get or if there's any difference in them at all. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use?

  2. Hi mate. i dont know how hot the rocker cover gets but i use the red Loctite RTV silicone sealant. I use it on my exhaust, crankcase cover and cylinder head seals. Works very well and have never had any problem with it. Dont know of any other stuff, might have to wait for someone else to reply. Hope this helps a bit :)
  3. That stuff is good, in fact most from Loctite are good but they do have a range for diff uses. I used to use Ultra Copper for hi heat engine applications, and it's lesser heat tolerant cousin Ultra Blue was also good for such things as rocker covers on cars. A quick read of the back of the packet should give you the fundamental differences between these products. A word of caution with this stuff you need to obey the 3 rules of manual gasket making.
    #1 cleanliness
    #2 cleanliness
    #3 cleanliness

    Get all 3 right and you'll get an excellent seal ;)
  4. Rule 4: don't use too much.
  5. Sealant

    Get a tube of 3 Bond Grey from a bike shop. Yamaha use it from the factory. It's a bit thinner than silicone sealants but doesn't break off & float around inside the engine. I've used it for all my race engines for 18 years & never found any bits in the sump when pulled apart.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions. Looks like I have more to add to the shopping list now :]
  7. +1 for 3 bond. It is used as OEM by many manufacturers. I think Bursons now sell it.
  8. get one that is oil resistant and just for emphasis, don't use too much.