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Liquid cooled bikes - excessive heat?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bazl, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Thumbing through 'Australian Roadrider' Vol 7 No3, I comes across an article from a gentleman with a K100LT who has a problem with excessive heat from the radiator in the summer. Anybody heard of anything similar with other bikes with radiators? Maybe just a european thing?

  2. Did he define excessive heat? Anything below about 115 degrees should be fine... its when the rad starts boiling over you should consider pulling over :p

    Personally, I prefer liquid cooled bikes, mainly just to my history with a particularly problematic air-cooled farm-bike. (slightly better temperature regulation :D)
  3. Heat 'from the motor on a hot day is a bit much'. Presumably meaning heat noticeable to the rider.
  4. Anything outside the red zone in the temp gauge is ok.
  5. Heat from under the fairings can be an issue at low speeds on fully faired touring bikes.
    The GTR is known for it, it heats up your feet and legs. Great in winter, not so great in heavy traffic! The GTR carries it's exhausts inside teh fairing/bellypan till under the driver's feet, so you have a LOT of heat in there.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. He may be referring to the problem the early K bikes had with heat buildup leading to vapourisation of the fuel in the fuel rail. The bike then stops & the only thing to do is wait for it to cool down. Later bikes employed more heat shielding to stop this happening.
  7. Yeah, the bike I'm on now is liquid cooled.

    If stopped at the lights, or in heavy traffic, the bike does heat a bit (the thermostatic fan switch has had it) but it's hard wired in, flip the switch and it tops out at around 1/3 of redline (similar reading to my car)

    Now there's those as think water cooling is just something else that can go wrong... and there's those as have no problem with it.

    I haven't a problem with it.