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liqui moly engine flush

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ashrose, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. hey guys, i've decided to give the bike a flush..just wondering if i can use liqui moly engine flush (not bike specific) to help get rid of the shitty oil. not sure if it would need to be bike specific or not.
    it says its for all petrol engines and has no warning about "wet clutch's" like liqui moly engine detox does.
    any info would be great

  2. I wouldn't use any so called flush in any engine.
    After you've gotten rid of the 'shitty oil', how do you get rid of the 'shitty flush'??
    Just give it an oil & filter change.

    I change the oil & filter on my bike at half the recommended intervals & the oil comes out fairly clean each time.
    Cheap insurance.
  3. They do make a motorcycle specific engine flush:
    However looking at the MSDS's for the two products looks like they're both made from the same stuff anyway - ie both are basically just lighter fluid (or naphtha to be precise).

    Naphtha evaporates fairly rapidly without leaving a residue. Still, I wouldn't be bothering with a flush either unless you have a reason to suspect that oil channels are blocked.
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  4. thanks once again jd...
    and not a bad idea streetmaster..may have to cut my intervals in half

    cheers guys
  5. I've used,
    without detrimental effects.
    I tend to look at these things as a preventative rather than a solution to poor maintenance.
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  6. Looks like the first one "engine flush" is the one to go for as it "restore full engine performance". Sweet! TBH I have only heard of this being used in cars, but its clearly labelled for bikes. Another one I've seen is to replace a approx 1L of the oil with ATF and run at a fast idle for 20mins so that the detergents in the ATF remove some deposits, to each their own.
  7. The one I used is added to the fuel, it's not for flushing the engine. (it smells identical to turps)

    I think the engine flush products added to the oil may be OK as a preventative if used from scratch with regular recommended service intervals but I've heard bad things about trying to clean clogged up vehicles with them. I'm no expert in the field but it does make sense to me. It probably also depends on what type of oil you are using. I have no experience with motorcycle oil maintenance which is a different kettle of fish than cars where the gearbox lubrication is separate.
    Personally I'm just going to stick with 6000km service intervals with the oil in my GS500. Mine has had one oil change at 6000kms, it's now got around 9000kms on it and the oil looks the same as the day it went in. I think a lot of oils have additives in them already that remove contaminant build up, the good ones anyway. Perhaps the oil staying clear in my GS means the contaminants aren't being taken on by the oil and are building up in the engine, dunno.
    Someone may hopefully add some wisdom or correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. As do modern fuels. Really modern oils and fuels are so far improved over what was available when the GS500 was released that you should never have to bother with aftermarket additives.

    Additives can cause problems of their own. I know someone who added some sort of oil additive (I forget what exactly now) to the synthetic oil in their car (which I think was Shell Helix). Some sort of polymerisation reaction between the two turned their engine oil into a gelatinous sludge which required a very thorough strip and clean of the engine to fix. Sometimes the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't f*&k around with it" certainly holds true. :)
  9. I imagine you may have to suck out some of the oil before putting in the flush anyway.
    Not much sense overfilling the engine with fluid now is there??
  10. ok guys this is just to let you know..i appreciate all the advice i get from everyone on these forums.
    that said i decided to give her a flush anyway.
    i used the engine flush without the motorcycle on it as it had been bought for me,and as jd pointed out they where exactly the same.
    so, i put in the engine flush and let her idle for about 10 mins turned her off and let sit a bit so i didn't burn myself.
    undone the sump plug and the oil came out thin as..let her fully drain for a while (there was some gunk that came out with it) and let her sit a lil while (bout a coffee n cig in length).
    changed filter put her back together, put oil in and let her idle again for about 15-20 mins. let her cool down and checked oil in view window...clear as a bell.
    then i went for a ride.... gear change is a lot smother no grinding sound AND she ran a lot better so done a 200km round trip and oil is still clean and she runs heaps better.
    in short: not sure exactly what it did but it worked and after nearly 200ks im assuming there is no side effects (here's hoping anyway).
    again guys THANKS
  11. Good to hear it's running okay now ashrose. Lets hope it stays that way :).
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  12. Throw in some banana skins and list it on E-bay.
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  13. It's a Hyo Blabs.
    Banana skins would chew through the gears in seconds ;)
  14. hahahahahaha..yeah thanks. :)
  15. Mate don't do that. Just get a 20l drum of Delo 400 oil or something even cheaper, and change the oil like every 200 kays until you use up all the oil or the oil starts coming out clean, which ever comes sooner. Delo 400 being a diesel spec oil has lovely detergents that will clean the insides of your engine out good and proper. The oil is coming out dirty, right? Otherwise what do you want to give it a flush for?
  16. ^^ Did that with a friends old ford laser, three times in a row just to flush the gunk.
    Amount of SHIT that came out was amazing.

    Dont want to start a secondary oil controversy thread but i personally would be a little loathe to run a diesel oil in a high revving high compression bike with a wet clutch though... but that is probably an misconception/stupidity. It is after all a 250cc 'dung.

    How about bananas with condoms on them?
  17. delo 400 goes in anything that runs at 4 cycles dude lol. maybe even those new 6 cycles they're worken on.
  18. Ive used this as well..........i couldnt see any noticable benifits but im hoping that it is doing something good, especially for the price you pay.
  19. I parked my GS next to a clothes dryer, someone decided to put a load of wet towels in it and point the fan outlet straight onto the engine, carby and tank. The lot got soaked with condensation and she was popping a bit when I blipped her. After the liqui-moly the popping stopped so perhaps it has some merit or maybe there's another explanation.
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