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lion vs elephant

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Wolverine, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Lion

  2. Elephant

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  1. Hello people I was just having a chat with a few mates of mine and we came across the subject of an elephant taking on a lion in a death match.
    2 of my other mate say the lion would win myself and another mate say the elephant hands down.
    just wanted to know what you guys think.

    This is a one on one fully grown african male elephant vs a fully grown male lion in an encaged area of 1kmx1km in the African plains

  2. I am pretty sure that a lion wouldnt even give a full grown elephant half a thought, unless it finds a way to drive a Tiger tank lol
  3. Elephant.

    The Lion has only got to be in the wrong spot *once*.. :wink:
  4. Haha, i used to have these conversations once upon a time!

    Here's a couple of them:

    1) who do you think would win a fight between a shark and a crocodile?
    2) who can run faster out of superman or the flash?
    3) who would win a fight between batman and spiderman?
  5. 4) what drugs are Wolverine and transit on? :p
  6. Billy Joel did a doco on tigers. he was saying the safest way to look at em is on the back of an elephant. I guess thats the same thing
  7. Elephant are scard of a mouse what make's it take on a lion? :wink:
  8. It aint that safe on the back of an elephant

    :shock: :bolt:
  9. Except the tiger wasn't attacking the elephant - but the dinner-meal sitting on top of it!
  10. A lion will only attack an elephant if it is with its pride, and then only very carefully whilst under the influence of pcp (Angel Dust)
  11. Thats an Awesome video link.... Just wondering how it turned out. I hope they didnt shoot the tiger to save a telemarketer lol Just kidding
  12. The elephant definitely has the advntage the lion only needs to mess up once... however if the lions smart and it does hit and run attacks on its legs and is lucky it could take the elepant down by running in getting a good bite or scratch on its leg then retreating and doing that until the elephant was injured to the point that the lion can kill it (carefully) , eventually the elepant will grow weak and wont be able to put up a fight if you get rid of its ability to walk then the lion has a chance , a tiny one but a chance none the less! haha but its all about luck and who has more patience
  13. Sounds like it will take days for the lion to get a feed lol.
    Think it might be easier for the lion to wait for a deer to wander past :p
  14. haha it would take days , or at least a good solid day with the elephant baking under the hot sun to soften it up once its down ;) , but still either way it would be considered a kill :p and i doubt a lion would wait around that long but its still possible for the lion to take out the elephant that way! although once the elephant is down then the hyenas will move in and claim the kill and either finish off the elephant

    it'd just be easier for the lion to go find a tourist , plenty of those around haha!
  15. African elephants are huge
    No contest.
  16. What is the airspeed velocity of a Unladen Swallow?
  17. ahhh good point, are we talking about an african or indian elephant here?

    ok all those monty python nerds can come out of hiding now :p
  18. Elephant just needs to go stand in the deep water and say "suck sh#t! You can't get me now can you you pussy!" :LOL:
  19. Hahaha too true!

    But then crocodiles come into play and that just makes the game more interesting ;)
  20. None of the above.
    A male lion usually sends a number of lionesses out to hunt and gather the food !