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Limited Edition CBR600RR - But how limited?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by houls, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Hello fellow NR's,

    I invested in a limited edition Honda CBR600RR back in early 2008. Its the Pearl White & Graphite silver version (Similar to hanspree version but without the green). I am yet to actually see another bike the same colour on the road up here on the goldy. And always seem to get fellow riders and random people asking about it.

    So i'm wondering if anyone actually knows how limited it actually is? How many were made &/or delivered to australia?

    Can anyone shed any light on the subject. I;ve asked Team Moto Honda but they cant give me an accurate figure.

    here is a piccy.



    Thanks for the help :grin
  2. They made millions of them. Its an ugly bike. I've heard they locked kids in a basement and fed them pins while they made them. You dont want that bike. I think you should sell me that bike.

    On another note,

    I'm not a huge fan of CBR's but damn, thats one gorgeous looking bike. And I'm really not to sure how many they made of them :(
  3. Hey, don't worry, it may be limited addition, but I believe that edition is quite good at multiplying. :shock:
  4. Perhaps Honda can shed some light? Try emailing them. :grin:
  5. Thanks Dougz i'll shoot off a pm. cheers.

    The blue & white looks sweet. I havent seen one of them around. I've got the same Micron frog mouth pipe on my bike mate.. You and your brother have good taste..

    I've actually sent off a few email to different deparments, but yet to get any reply. :(

    I will probably receive a reply saying its not even a limited edition :LOL:
  6. It was "limited" by the number of people willing to buy them :)
  7. What a pathetic excuse to post two posy photographs; you should be ashamed of yourself :rofl:.

    [Being the pathetic old pedant that I am, I changed ADDition to EDition. I know that ruins your joke, Mole, but I just couldn't stand it. And don't get me started on oldbellhelmet's fornt tyre :roll:]

    BOT, nice bike :)
  8. Thanks everyone who actually replied with helpful posts (& changing the thread title for me :oops: ). All jokes aside surely someone on here can shed some light on it. I'm only asking because there is a chance that the extra money i laid out for a so called ltd. edition may not be so limited afterall.

  9. Mate they're not that limited. AFAIK there were about 30 brought in in blue, 30 in your colour and 30 in tri-colour. How much extra did you pay?? :?
  10. What is your definition of limited.

    Are you expecting to have the only one in Australia. Maybe you should have checked this out before you laid down the hard earned.

    Bit late to be complaining about the price after you've already bought it.
  11. Well at the time the 2008 Hannspree version was about to be released.

    And i was talked into buying the so called 2007 ltd-edition instead of the hanspree version. the 08 hanspree wouldn't have been much more $$ at the time. And due to tha fact that i have seen quite a few of the green & white hannspree bikes & none of mine, it got me thinking how many may have actually been released.
  12. Haha are you serious? Yeah i think i've got the only one ever realesed :shock: :LOL:

    who said i was complaining..... i love the bike.... i am asking a genuine question about the number of the white & silver released :?
  13. Its worth what people will pay. If you decided to sell, start higher than market for "normal" cibs and gradually reduce.

    By the way, its great to see a sportsbike rider properly kitted out in protective gear for a change :p
  14. yeah i'm serious. look at your last sentance.

    i think the bike looks great. it doesn't matter how many there are.
  15. looking fast :p
    never seen that model color so far... at least until now
  16. nice polished rims
  17. fair enough....
  18. is it limited edition or limited sold?
  19. Millions of the things.

    There were 1500 Desmo's made - and that's supposed to be limited.