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Limewire is dead

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doch, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Ok so Limewire is he latest casualty. So what is everybody switching to?

  2. frostwire
  3. MP3 Rocket....
  4. torrent the album from demonoid
  5. not telling.
  6. I'm not a huge music buff but if I like a song I'll go to YouTube and get the URL and use www.youtube-mp3.org to grab the audio out of it.
  7. how about going to a store and buying stuff you bloody pirate? :LOL:
  8. This.

    Or Usenet :demon:
  9. I do buy material I really want, download is for material I would bother getting if I had to pay for...
    And I've actually gone and bought a lot of stuff after download...

    There's also another thing, at my age and being a muso, I have quite an extensive range of 33/45 records of which I paid good money for.
    I've downloaded many of them to have them in today's media format as I don't really want to pay for them twice.

    Having said that, you'll never stop people getting music for free.
    Remember when I was a kid, I'd be sitting with a radio/cassette player waiting to press record when the dj playeda song I wanted.
    We did that those days because of affordability...

    now I'm really showing my age....:D
  10. tried this one really quick but then down loaded it into the ether and i cant find it anywhere
  11. Arrrg. I would but alot of my stuff is well away from modern mainstream music not to mention its usually stuff Ive already got the old 45s or 33s.
  12. You broke the first rule of usenet :p
  13. Sorry I forgot the ;) I'm not the copyright police :)
  14. hmm… you’re right.
    How about this:

    I download from ****** :demon:

  15. I've been using torrent for a while now. Client is Vuze.

    Don't forget Peerblock as well.
  16. Owners of limewire were retarded. IIRC they actually started breaking copyright.
    Having said that I'm surprised people still used it.

    The funniest part of using limewire was downloading limewire pro off limewire.
  17. Limewire was a virus-laden piece of shit ten years ago and I assume probably was until the day it died. Start torrenting and never look back
  18. yep, used to be every time a teacher brought in a laptop and said it wasn't working properly, the first thing I would do was to uninstall the Limewire garbage the kids had installed :LOL:.

    $99 or less buys a turntable that will transform your old LPs (my first bought in 1968) into MP3 format, I've done it with dozens of albums that I can't buy anymore.....

    Anything else IS piracy.
  19. Sorry hornet but saying
    is a load of bollocks. Australians via the fair dealings section of the Australian Copyright Act are quite legally able to have different media formats of their purchased goods;

    At the end of the day what makes you think you ripping your LP's to get them into MP3 format etc is any different to someone downloading the mp3 version that won't have the imperfections?

    I will agree however that the world is a better place to be without that malware haven that was limewire.. now if only all it's clones would follow suit.