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Lime green & Ixil exhaust for Triumph Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hyo_duc, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if these tri exhausts are any good. They sound awsoime if you search for them on youtube. They say slip on but do you need a new exhaust system???
    Anyone know of anyone or have it on their 675???
    and im not the most knowledgable in the technical side but are would they in any way be harmful to the bike? is rejetting and such required?
    much regards

    btw what do you think about having the street triple lime green on the 675. quick editted pics below. it would stand out



  2. now that was helpful, thanx mate
  3. lime green, no way
    Go buy a ninja!

    what YOU need, is British Racing Green.
    for some reason Triumph aren't using this as a hero-colour
    seeing as this is the best bike to come out of Britain in ages, they really should
  4. yeah iv always wonderd that. the british racing green is sexc, but that lime green just stand out soo bloody much. i dont think i have ever seen a more stricking colour on the road, car or bike.
  5. There was a nice black 675 at Pie in the Sky today. Not sure on the exhaust but it had carbon slip-ons. Sounded pretty sweet when he rode off. A very nice looking bike indeed :wink:
  6. The Daytona's are awesome sounding bikes!! You are a man of good taste :grin:

    Slip on means that you just take off the old muffler (the last part of the exhaust) and bolt/screw/slip the new one on. They would not be harmful to the bike but it may need to be re-tune. Also it may not, depends how big the flow change is and how the stock computer handles the change.

    You will not need to re-jet it. Because it is fuel injected. Re-jetting is a form of tuning for vehicles with carburetors. You may need a new adjustable computer. And then have someone with a dyno load maps with the correct fuel-air ratio's.
  7. thanx blaringmike
    helps a lot. looks like i may end up with one of these within a year or so :D cant wait :p
    Hmm do these computer/ecu thingies cost much? would it be best to get a dealer or so to do it for me if i have no clue?
    i mean im keen to learn, and install the slip ons, but not to keen to fiddle around with any programming with the bike.
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  9. yeah i seen these before. thanx mate,ill get one when the time comes for getting my future bike.
    looks like its worth it though
  10. Don't get a power commander.

    If your just going to do the slip on, go to triumph and for bugger all money get them to load up the right tune for you.

    Or the best option is to get a tune-boy.

    Ask at any triumph forum and the hordes will recommend tune boy.

    Its just like a power commander, only better.
  11. to expand. As triumph and arrow produce an aftermarket slip on they have a tune for it. For about $90 they will install this tune for you. (mind you its about a 5min job and they charge that much for it!)

    The tune boy is basically a software program where you can make your own tunes and put them on. Flux, a fellow member has made tunes and put them up on triumph675.net for people to use.

    A tuneboy will also allow you to do diagnostic stuff as well if you do your own maintennence - a god send in itself.

    If your interested in a tuneboy triumph675.net regularly do group buys for them, its worth it, it is pretty expensive
  12. Here's a 675 at the motorcycle show in Sydney last year... Im pretty sure its British racing green, or close enough... Looks the goods, but ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO REPAINT A BIKE haha..


    Im currently doing a full respray on my R6, apart from there being a million pieces, if you want a quality finish, it takes time, we have spent 25hours+ on high filling and rubbing back all the fairings.. Paint isnt on yet, but when its done it wont have that orange peel effect in the paint.

    Honestly man, leave the factory colour :LOL: I dont like Lime green on it, i agree to British green.
  13. yeah i was readin about that triupmh setting the other day. sounds like best option.
    btw i do like that green daytona. thing is i think the 675 only works with certain colours. having busy side fenders it wouldnt look too great in a highlighted colour. i think the lime green looks good on the street triple is because it has little panels, and with that colour they just stand out.