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Lil's New Experience

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. This evening has been an action packed one! After coming home from work and a bit of forum browsing, I had a totally irrational thought....."the front lawn needs mowing and I'm the only one here who's going to do it...."

    And so I did. Well! What an experience! I had never even filled a lawnmower with petrol, let alone started it! I lost my lawnmowing virginity tonight, folks! Having battled with riduculously long grass for a while, I thought to myself "Why is it that boys biatch and moan about mowing the lawn?" Sure, I'm tired (I've never done that sort of work with my arms and back before!), but I feel really satisfied with a job well done (all things considered!) and it looks 100% better now than it did an hour ago! In fact, I almost, almost, almost cracked a beer afterwards :shock: (those of you who know me know that I REALLY don't enjoy beer!) but instead skulled a large bottle of water :oops:

    I just thought I'd share my experience with you all....a nice, light-hearted story in the midst of all these dropping/stacking/crashing reports and condolences. :D

    :D :D :D
  2. now do it every fortnight for a few years and throw a bit of nagging into the equation. you'll understand our dislike then i'm sure :wink:

    well done there, notice how half the job is getting the bastard of a thing to start? but i spose you rive a kingswood so you'd be used to that :LOL:
  3. there goes one of the last bastions of malehood. next you will be taking out the rubbish and cooking at barbecues and talking bulls&*t about sport and nothing in particular :LOL:
  4. wow... well done Lil... Maybe you can futher your mowing experience and come to my place to fire up my mower and whipper-snipper???!!
  5. Actually, lawn mowing is something I dont mind. It gives me some peace having seen a change in the garden. Better than housekeeping by a mile. :D
  6. I now live in a house without a man (my 9 year old brother isn't quite there yet!), so I do most of the 'blokes' jobs around the house. Since my stepfather left, the shed has become my domain and I'm the one responsible for fixing things around the house :shock: .

    BTW....I often work on a BBQ as part of my job and I talk PLENTY of bullsh!t!

    It did die on me a few times, probably because I should have set it a bit higher and gone over it twice instead of forcing it to cut too long grass, but....

    My baby starts first time, every time!

    Oh, Alan......FORGET IT!!!!!

    :D :D :D
  7. Hahaha that's great.

    I love mowing the grass.. Why people ask me.. Well because it is the only place/ thing I can do where nobody bothers me.. If I'm the shower people burst through to ask me stuff, sitting on the dunny the same thing..

    But while mowing the lawn I'm left to myself.. Arhh the bliss :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. This is the type of story that the JIMS MOWING Franchise recruiting officers love to hear. Reading your story today Lil put a tear to my eye. It made me so happy.

    If only Kate Ceberano, Mark Holden and John Reid witnessed your performance, they would have loudly and proudly told Australia that what you did on that grass tonight was nothing short of X FACTOR!!!!!

    Cheers all.

  9. Take mower into bathroom, start mower, have shower.
    No interruptions :D

    Not sure about the dunny tho, depends how big it is :p
  10. They say you never forget the first one. :wink:
  11. Should have called Mitch to come and do it for you, he does a wonderful job at clearing ridiculously long grass. :LOL:
  12. Well done Lil, I am proud of you!!
  13. Alway invigorating to get out there an occasional do some manual labour. Can't be tapping away the the keyboard or flapping your lips all the time.
  14. You'll get over it Lil! I did, I'd rather pay $30 a fortnight & spend my time riding my bike than a lawn mower! Speaking of those BBQ's Lil I was the one who repaired them!