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Lil getting dirty

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Finally starting to get the hang of it! A pathetic attempt at standing on the pegs to go through the puddles :LOL:


    I'm not very good at these really wet and slippery conditions yet. I find the KLR really heavy and makes me very nervous :oops:
    Jay LOVES it!! He has the back wheel all over the place and just goes for it...


    I stalled in the middle of this puddle the second time through :oops:


    Boo giving me an indication of how deep the puddles are :wink: The dogs LOVE coming out with us!


  2. Fookin' brilliant! You're not exactly making life easy for yourself starting out on a 650, are ya?

    Man, you guys are sure living the life, picking and choosing between the spurs and the bush... :)
  3. Not just pretty faces here, Loz :wink:

    We love the commute and we LOVE the weekend fun :cool:
  4. Not EVEN pretty faces! :p
  5. Nice backyard you have there lil.... maybe one day i'll get to see it ;) ;)

    Seems like i should be getting to work on that bike of mine... :grin:
  6. You are always most welcome up here, Booga :wink:
  7. Have never worked out why,,, but there is something about a puddle that just makes you want to ride through them.

    Scientifically the depth length and bottom visibility are directly proportional to the level of fun/sillyness .

    LMAO I remember one puddle doing a rooster tail photoshoot with a mate I dropped my bike (Suzuki TS185) in it and only the tip of the handlebar was showing :roll: (spent the next hour draining the water out sadly never got a copy of the pics,, grrr days of film cameras)

    Anyway Great Pics I am jealous,,,,,, if I am lucky I might find a puddle this weekend :cool:
  8. Well Done lil !
    Reminds me of my last venture 2 years ago on an XR. I spent more time under the water than I did above ground :LOL:
    That place looks alot like tracks around Eildon.
  9. I remember a few weeks ago, before I broke my collarbone, again.

    I knocked off work to head to the local motocross track. We had seen unreal amounts of rain leading up to this and the track was, very slippy, with deep puddles, ruts that were deep enough to swallow 50cc minibikes, and some sections of it were boggy enough to bring a 250 4t screeching to a halt. But I told myself It can't be as bad as it looks, surely (blue sky, moderate temps :) ) Suited up went out, in a section of the track at the bottom of the hill (which is infamous for becoming a bike swallowing cess pit) I came screaming around the corner 450 4T half-throttle out of a rut in 3rd gear, looked up, and unfortunately couldn't tear my eyes away from the biggest puddle, lined him up, hammered the throttle to the stop, stood up, bum over the mud guard and tried unsuccessfully to aquaplane this hellish, deep, waterfilled rut, got splashed in cess pool water (the same lovely stuff thats In your photo) I was cold, wet, muddy, all over my body and through my helmet, yet as I was spitting out the foul tasting water I couldn't help but laugh and smile. Must be something about dirt, mud, and puddles that you just never grow out of eh?

    Dirt Riders - Forever optimists
  10. i used to take it to the extreme and ride down the creek for maximum effect.

    the last time i did it (learnt my lesson), the front wheel hit a sticky patch and the bike came to an immediate stop which pivited the bike over the wheel driving me headfirst into the mud.

    was a pisser for my mates but i was a bit shaken.